5 Secrets to Make your Online Taxi Booking Startup Run Successfully

People who are born after the 80s are called millennials and from these people, we get a peculiar pattern. Most of them are showing the least interest in buying new vehicles. The obvious reason is that when it is possible to get a luxurious cab come to us with a tap on our smartphone, then why spend on new cars? In 2019 we had witnessed a surge in the no. of taxi startups. Also, new startups are gearing up with new strategies to enter the market soon.

Having said that, the situation is not smooth for most taxi startups. Too much competition is hurting everyone. This is also affecting new startups. Here in this blog, I have explained some 5 secrets to make a taxi startup successful and face the competition without any fear. This applies to both yet to launch and existing on-demand taxi booking companies.

What are the Secrets to Launch a Successful Online Taxi Booking App Startup?

Better to get a readymade script and customize

Focussing more on the app development process makes you to spend less time on other core business activities. Only developing an app from scratch will give you a well made customized solution is a misconception. 

You can get pre-built apps from many vendors and software makers. Most of them developed taxi apps similar to Uber and so you need not worry about the design and performance.

The cost and time required to make such apps from scratch is very high. So purchasing a readymade solution seems to be the better option. Major changes based on your needs and expectations can be carried out effortlessly in pre-built apps. Because of this customization will not be an issue.

Easy user registration process

Both the driver and the rider has to register all their details and get a login id before using the service. This process must be made as easy as possible. The phrase “first impression lasts long” applies to this aptly. If any user feels the registration process is tiring, then customer acquisition itself will become difficult. 

One way to make registration and getting ID quickly and make it more interactive is to allow registration using social media accounts. Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram IDs can be used for registration and login. So with one touch, all this process is completed.  

This one touch registration must be made available to cab driver also.

Online database

Like how we say change is constant, innovation & creativity is constant in on-demand startups. New technologies emerge and it is imperative for taxi startups to embrace it as quickly as possible to be relevant in the market.

For a taxi startup, most of the changes are in terms of feature addition. So while developing the app, make sure you have a huge database. MongoDB,  Node.js, MySQL, etc are top databases that are widely used.

This also helps you when you expand to new markets and at that time scaling up will not be an issue.

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User friendly booking

Quick and hassle free booking taxi from anytime and anywhere is the sole expectation from the user. The booking part must be handled delicately so that it is not compromised. 

Booking part consists of requesting a ride, assigning a taxi, payment, review, and rating. The rider can request a ride anytime but during peak hours the process of assigning taxi becomes slow. This frustrates the rider and forced to look out for alternatives. This taxi assigning issue must be cleared.

Next is the payment process. A slew of different payment methods is available. It is better to have an integrated payment gateway where a user can choose any payment type. E-wallet and UPI is the new addition to payment and this must be mandatory since the payment can be done in one touch.

Finally, eliminate all the roadblocks and embrace any change that makes the taxi booking process quick and foolproof.

Start with small area

After deploying the app and launching the business, it is practical to start small. This gives you time to make any quick changes to the app if it gets any negative reviews. At the start, there will be problems with frequent crashes and failures which is common. 

Once all are set and becomes stable, make plans for scaling your startup operations.

Final say!

Following these instructions will give you a minimum guarantee in the market. I am saying this because most startups fail to follow these. It also takes persistence and discipline to make the above said changes. 

Earlier I said about using readymade apps for your startup. One such pre built solution is SpotnRides. SpotnRides is developed from scratch by experienced developers and design team to give the best to market.

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