What will be Obstacles for Taxi Startup and How SpotnRides Taxi App Solution Will Help you to Overcome it?

Launching an on-demand taxi startup like Uber using a perfect app solution alone will not shield you from impediments that are common to the on-demand market. SpotnRides is a leading maker of taxi app solutions and we are in constant touch with top taxi firms to assess the market dynamics and ground reality. 

Based on that input we have jotted down a list of obstacles faced by a typical on-demand taxi startup. I think most of the listed points will have relevance to your startup.

SpotnRides also gives a comprehensive solution to all these problems. Let us get into the matter.   

How SpotnRides Taxi App Solution can Control Obstacles in your Taxi Startup?

Taxi startup expansion to other/new markets

When you plan to expand your taxi startup outside of your region of operation, more chances are there that it will not be the same as the present area of operation. The taxi fare in the new area may be cheap and easy to pay. While yours will definitely have a competitive advantage but cannot compete with the new region.

So what to do? Take a comprehensive research analysis and find where you have a slight edge over others. Also, find whether the taxi app solution demands some change. 

SpotnRides is one of the industry-leading makers of taxi booking apps and we worked with some of our clients who are expanding their taxi operation. The market analysis is an important tool to decide on the changes in the app solution. Design, payment system, app registration, etc are some of the areas that demand change.

Mobile app promotion and marketing

To taxi startups who have just started will face an obvious problem of a mobile app promotion. You have a well-made app, then how will you make people find it in play store and download it?

This obstacle can be broken down to:

  1. Organic app discovery
  2. User acquisition 
  3. User retention

For these issues, we normally resort to app store optimization to increase no. of downloads. User retention can be achieved through customer engagement tools.

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Vehicle maintenance alert

Ride safety and comfort plays a good role in maintaining the reliability of your taxi app startup. Of late, on-demand taxi startups don’t care much about the condition of the vehicles since they follow the online platform model.       

SpotnRides can make changes in the driver app and admin web panel to send alerts at particular intervals regarding vehicle maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is synced with the calendar to get timely notifications.

Unnecessary breakdowns and last-minute taxi problems can be averted. Vehicle maintenance is one of the neglected areas by taxi startups. 

On spot rider feedback

This cannot be termed as an obstacle for your taxi business but seeing passenger harassment cases elsewhere, it is good to have a mechanism to send alerts to drivers instantly. 

For this, we can enable real-time customer feedback. Already SpotnRides applied this to many existing taxi startups and the results are staggering. In case of any problem for the rider, the customer chat can be used anytime to send alerts and detailed reviews directly to the admin.

 Inefficient handling of bookings

The taxi booking app has an inbuilt algorithm to handle the bookings and assign drivers. This algorithm is normally made by having a specific standard and if this threshold is breached,  the app starts to tumble. This scenario pulls down everything related to customer acquisition and retention. 

You will face this issue at least once at the start. SpotnRides has a team of experts in database management and machine learning. We do scale the taxi app solution to perfectly handle the bookings without any hassles.

Wrapping up!

Finding/building an ideal solution for your taxi startup is next to impossible. But it is possible to modify the solution by knowing the feedback and following technological advances. 

Partner with us to turn all the impediments into opportunities to build something new. SpotnRides has proved its mettle again and again in this regard. Also, get a brand new SpotnRides taxi app if you are planning to launch a taxi startup.

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