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Thanks to smartphones and wide internet facilities; the on-demand model has changed the way we access a service; be it getting a taxi, ordering flowers, or getting a doctor’s appointment at home. The easiness with which people feel while using on-demand apps has made many services to us this model.

Now, people who are experiencing difficulty finding a lawyer shall use the apps to find and send a request. 

Yes, we are going to see the on-demand lawyer booking startup model. Before divulging technical details, let me tell some facts about the prospects of lawyers.

  1. The demand for lawyers will increase at a CAGR of 6% till 2028.
  2. Intellectual property attorneys will be most sought after lawyers.
  3. Civil disputes related to the environment are increasing and this will affect the demand for lawyers.
  4. Climate lawyers are the newly emerging field and will be more relevant in the future.

There is a growing need to add the latest technology to the law field. Digital books and epapers can change the way lawyers and attorneys work. 

The on-demand lawyer booking is the first step towards revolutionizing the law field.

Who can Launch the Uber for Lawyers App?

  • Legal professionals who desperately want to adopt digital tech but not aware of how to do it shall take the on-demand lawyers booking idea. Using a mobile app, interested people will contact you; from then on you can do all the proceedings using the mobile app.
  • If you are a techie and enthusiastic to launch a startup using the on-demand model can also try this idea. Unlike the previous version, here you will be launching an app solution as an online marketplace where users connect with lawyers.

The number of interfaces in the lawyer booking app is the same os Uber. based on the requirement the no. of interfaces can be added or removed. 

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SpotnRides Lawyers booking app

SpotnRides lawyers booking app solution is an on-demand app that can be customized as an online marketplace for lawyers and a standalone service booking app. You need to just purchase SpotnRides and launch it for your new startup. There is no hassle of developing from scratch.

Simple working of the app:

Request for a service

The end-user downloads the client app; register the details; selects the type of service; and search for the apt lawyer based on skills and experience. After finding one, the user sends a request by providing details of the case.

Lawyer interaction

After the particular legal person accepts the request, you can opt for online interaction through a conference or video call. Necessary documents are uploaded with end-to-end security.

Full-service acceptance

After the interaction, the service is accepted completely and the lawyer shall add the user in the client’s list. Each and every proceeding will be sent automatically to the user. The in-app chat in the app enables both the lawyer and user to talk in times of requirement.

Service completion

At the end of the service, the user rates and reviews the service. To improve the chance of more offers, the user shall give a recommendation which will be displayed at the time of the search.

Legal Service Made Simple with Uber for Lawyers App

  1. User-friendly dashboard with foolproof design: The legal person shall access the dashboard and oversee existing and past services. The fee amount debited is displayed near each client status.
  2. Quick access to law books/docs: The AI-based search gives a highly accurate result for any legal document in a matter of seconds.
  3. Seamless communication with clients: Multiple ways of communication is possible between the legal person and the user. 
  4. Document storage: Cloud storing of document feature is possible on request and also this enables bulk storage. All the documents are cataloged for quick identification.
  5. Real-time legal proceedings: Information on the case can be viewed by the user in real-time.
  6. Online signature: Both parties shall use the online signature feature to give a digital sign. This feature is tamper-proof and cannot be misused.

These are just a glimpse of the niche options in our SpotnRides lawyers booking solution. 

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This is an Asia based online legal services platform for users to connect with certified lawyers on services like corporate, criminal, civil, and IP. they are the first AI-based on-demand law service to find and use the right law statements. They secured the first round of funding from a VC and estimated to grow at a healthy rate.

Cost of SpotnRides solution for your new startup

The basic script is available at a fixed cost and at SpotnRides there is no hidden cost. Additionally, optional features and customizations are charged with extra fees. I assure that you cannot get a worthy on-demand app solution like us at this competitive price.

Wrapping up!

There is more you need to know about the on-demand lawyers booking business idea and SpotnRides solution. To answer all your queries, ping us on [email protected]. We are looking forward to serving you!  

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