Uber for Home Services: Next Big Trend in On-demand Marketplace

The growth of ride-hailing services like Uber in the market inspired industrial persons to launch similar on-demand business models in other industries. With the growing trend of the on-demand service booking app, home services can be integrated and top accessible platforms. As the home service is a profitable business idea, implementing it with an on-demand business model will keep-up the market trends innovatively. 

As the home services include various services like repair, home decorations, cleaning, wiring, refurbishment, and more, taking these services into one on-demand interface will definitely increase the convenience of the customers and bookings from them. In the US, the online on-demand home service sector is worth about $600 Billion USD dollars.  

The number of facilities offered by the on-demand home services has a high scope of growing market value during the forecasting period of 2021 with a CAGR of 49%. The growth shows the rise and usability of mobile phones that allows the users to keep engaged with the on-demand home services across the world to make their day neat and clean.  

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Top Trends in the Uber for Home Service 

Uber for home service is one of the feasible on-demand service booking app solutions in the market sector that allows the users to check the nearby home workers digitally and book the service provider that matches the user’s needs. The uber for home service app comes with the following trends,

  • White-gloved Home Service – Ensuring the service provider is hygiene and safety has taken into serious concern after the COVID-19 pandemic attack. The white-gloved home service assures the safe home service for their customers. 
  • Multiple Service Listing – In on-demand home service, the entrepreneurs are able to connect the various types of homeworkers into subcategories. This helps the customers to reach out to the right service provider timely.
  • Online Home Service Scheduling – With this trend, the customers are able to personalize the home service according to their presence in the home. Nearly, 46% of the customers in the US used to prefer a scheduled home service via an on-demand home service app.
  • Booked Service Visibility – The customers who are using home service apps can check their booked service update through SMS, email, in-app notifications. This makes the service process more live with a digital interface. 

These are some of the new trends that take place in the well-developed Uber for home service. By focusing on these trends, will help the startup entrepreneur to choose or build the right Uber for home service app solution. As the on-demand home service app needs a periodic update in the features to keep up with the trends and updates among the competitors. 

The entrepreneurs have to choose the right Uber for home service, SpotnRides is a familiar player in developing an on-demand app like Uber. Being at the top of the on-demand app development market, we are aware of the latest trends and tech stacks in the on-demand space. This helps us to deliver a unique uber for home service app to the clients. 

Match up with Top Trends with Uber for Home Service App

  • Modern Service Sorting – To make the customer’s search results quickly, this feature has been integrated with the on-demand home service app. It allows the customers to sort out the service provider according to ratings and service type. As a result, it reduces the scrolling time of the multi-service listing trend. 
  • Customizable Booked Service – The customers are able to customize their booked schedule, even at the end of time. This improves the flexibility of the home service, once the customer makes the changes in the booked schedule. The edited detail will be updated to the end-player instantly.
  • Active Follow on Booked Service – Once the service has been booked and confirmed by the service provider. Both the customer and service provider is able to track the service in real-time. This shows the exact estimation time to arrive at the booked destination, with multi-routing the service provider can reach quickly. 
  • Digitized Review Option – To meet the customer’s expectations and ensure the aggregation of high-quality service providers, this option is the fruitful one. The customers are able to review every service at the end of the booked service. Both the service provider and the admin can over-check the reviews and update their workflows accordingly in the upcoming bookings. 

The above-listed key-feature simplifies the trends in the on-demand home service app. You can also expect basic features like social media log-in, multi-payment, multi-languages, and in-app chat features from SpotnRides Uber for home service app solution. If you’re in need of any other additional features, we are ready to integrate them with the latest tech stacks. 


Uber for home service is a new startup idea in the on-demand market space. Which brought a lot of chances for new on-demand startups in the home service sectors. With the best app solution from SpotnRides, you can easily meet the current market trends and build a unique place in the market for your home service. 

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