Start an Exciting Uber for Dog Walking Startup Business

If you like pets and dogs, then you might have definitely heard about pet sitting and pet walking. Pet lovers often earn money by indulging in dog walking and pet sitting. This is not something new. Pet sitting is present in the US from the early 60s and now it got spread to different countries. Pet sitting now transformed as an industry with a growth rate of 5%. 

There are many private service firms that offer pet sitting professionally and this market now makes in billions in revenue. This number is only going to increase in the years to come.

Now comes the question of launching an online marketplace platform for pet sitting. Pet lovers can connect with pet owners via the on-demand app and provide service for a fee.

Why Uber for Dog Walking?

  • A lot of services are now under the ambit of the on-demand uber-like business model. The visibility and reach of services increased drastically after it is accessed from the app.
  • Basically, pet owners don’t have time to take special care of pets at all times.
  • Pet owners find it very difficult to find a pet sitter because of the unavailability of advanced means to find it.
  • Being a pet lover you can earn handsome money by providing Uber for pet sitting service.
  • Provide employment/freelance opportunities for pet enthusiasts.

Next step towards launching your Uber for dog walking startup

I hope you are convinced by the prospects of launching a comprehensive on-demand Uber for dog walking solution. Now let us come to the core of the on-demand pet startup, the mobile app solution.

Developing the app solution from scratch is a bad idea as far as it is concerned because of the time and effort you need to spend. Unless you are launching it worldwide, developing from scratch has a poor return on investment.

Then, what is the alternative? You can partner with app developers who build readymade on-demand app software for the pet sitting online marketplace. 

SpotnRides is one such brand known well in the sector of on-demand app development.

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SpotnRides Uber for dog walking app

SpotnRides Uber for dog walking app is developed and customized especially for the pet sitting service. We don’t create an MVP and customize it to required on-demand services.

Our SpotnRides app consists of the following interfaces. 

  1. Customer mobile app
  2. Admin web app
  3. Pet sitter mobile app
  4. Pet sitter web app

Each of the mobile apps is available on both iOS and Android. The web app is suitable to use in multiple operating systems with built-in finance and analytics tools.

Working of our On-demand pet sitting app

Our pet sitting app can be used by the customer to get a pet sitter with just a tap of a button.

  • The pet owner downloads the app, registers all the details and send request to nearby pet lovers for taking care of their pet.
  • Pet lovers nearby get an immediate request and they can accept or decline the request.
  • Pet sitters shall chat with the pet owners for any details and conditions.
  • Pet owners will be notified once the pet sitter has arrived. After the service is over, the invoice is generated for both the pet sitter and the customer.
  • Instant updates will be sent to the admin dashboard and the admin can view it under the ongoing service tab.

Established players in this on-demand domain

DogBuddy: This startup operates from Europe and provides an online marketplace for pet sitters to connect with pet owners. Currently, it is functioning in multiple countries and boasts of 20,000+ pet sitters connected with them.

Swifto: This brand from the US is the most affordable pet sitter searching application. It collects money on a per hour basis from its customers. They have magnificent features for the pet sitters and customers.

Features in our app

Locating pet using GPS: The customer can track the pet all along the day when it is with the pet sitter. Instant updates can be requested to the pet sitter from the app.

Advanced calendar module: This feature enables the pet owner to schedule bookings and track them in the calendar.

Professional dog sitter: Finding a professional dog sitter is not difficult. Pet sitters are given badges to be viewed by the customers based on their ratings. 

Easy commission tracking: Pet sitters can track their commission in the app without much hassles. 

Detailed profile description: Pet sitters can attract the customers by providing detailed profile description. They can mention the area of expertise, skills, etc.

This feature list is not exhaustive and more exciting features are present with our SpotnRides app. We delivered this pet sitter online marketplace to many small and large tech entrepreneurs and many of them faced good success. Most of them attribute the success to our app solution.

We take special care not only for the customer app but also for other interfaces. The admin web app is so easy to use for you and track all the bookings. Monthly and daily reports can be obtained to compute the revenue and commissions.

I sense this is the right time to launch your dream startup and you will taste instant success when SpotnRides is used for your venture.

For more details, send a quick mail to [email protected]. We are always at your disposal. 


What will be the type of app development we undertake?

We are equipped to build apps in both the Hybrid and Native areas.

What is the total cost of development?

The basic app script comes at a fixed cost. Feature addition and customization costs extra.

Who can get this app?

If you are an existing pet sitter and want to go online, then you can enter this startup business. Individual entrepreneurs can use this app as a marketplace platform.

Can we customize the app?

Yes, since the complete source code is given to you after purchase you can modify the solution independent of others.

Do we get any support from you after deployment?

We have an awesome technical assistance package for all clients. The cost of it is free for some time and after that, we charge a nominal fee.

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