A Complete Guide To Build An Uber For Courier Service With SpotnRides App Solution

Every business relies on a support service that helps them to focus on their main business goal and work for it. Most of the venture depends upon a courier service to reach their customers. Courier service gains a worthy profit by focusing on both corporate ventures and common people. As the courier service takes a huge impact on the market, the responsibility and demand started to increase. 

This impact brought many firms to start their own courier service, time is not up. Still, there are huge chances for startups to build and launch their courier service to gain the market’s attention easily with reliable solutions. This blog will help you to gain complete knowledge of courier service and act as the right guide to kick start your dream venture.

Courier Service – Worthy Opportunity for New Ardent Entrepreneurs in 2021

What Is Uber for Courier Service?

How Uber for Courier Service Brings the Global in Your Pocket?

Detailed View on Courier App like Uber 

Why Should You Choose Spotnrides Uber for Courier Service App Solution?

Courier Service – Worthy Opportunity for New Ardent Entrepreneurs in 2021

The foremost thing before starting any business is to take a deep survey of the global and regional market. This helps you to know about the service weightage in a particular region, where you have decided to start. As a result, it will bring a clear view of the regions that have high demand and low demand. According to the demand, you can launch the service and widespread it. 

  • The global courier service market size reached a value of $541.6 billion by the end of  2019.
  • It is expected to show a growth of 11.1% CAGR to gain a revenue of $824.9 billion in 2023.

To make your part of the market survey work easier, I have listed the current market statistics above. Since we are living in the digital world, everything has been made simple in finger touches. There are many sites to search the global and regional market surveys, try to research the market value, and then get it started. 

When we think of delivery service, everyone remembers Uber, right? Uber is the first venture that implements the tech stack in the courier service. This implementation attracts many entrepreneurs and motivates them to integrate technology in their venture to boost up the sales. To make the new firms easy, the market has introduced Uber for X open-source model.

What Is Uber for Courier Service?

Uber for courier service is one of the Uber for X models, that collects the courier from various platforms and ships the packages to the right users shortly. In Uber for courier service, there will be shippers, courier delivery drivers, and an admin to monitor all the processes that take place in his application platform.

How Uber for Courier Service Brings the Global in Your Pocket?

Today, there are many online platforms to place the required orders and get it delivered directly to our destination. On-demand food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, Foodpanda helps us to get our favorite food from anywhere easily. Though there are many on-demand services, on-demand courier delivery app have shown steady growth and rise in the market. 

An app like Uber for courier service, lets the shippers ship their parcel to their destination or to the third party’s destination easily in a short duration. The courier service app not only helps the common people to courier their packages, but it also helps the corporate industries to parcel their bulk packages at a safe and affordable price. 

To know more about the courier app like Uber, and how it works. keep proceeding with the blog further. 

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Detailed View on Courier App like Uber 

There are two application interfaces and one admin web panel in the on demand courier delivery app. By now you might have acquired the knowledge about Uber for courier service and now let me explain to you in detail how it works on both the shippers and courier delivery driver side. 

General workflow of the shippers in the courier delivery script

  • Shippers have to signup/login with their required details. 
  • Then the shippers go in for the package pick-up and drop address on the app. 
  • Once the address/location is entered the app will fetch the right courier delivery driver nearby.
  • Or manually the shippers can select a vehicle that exactly suits their package then book it.
  • When the shipper connects with the courier delivery driver, the shipper can track their booked service. 
  • The courier delivery driver can also track the shippers to pick-up the package for delivery. 
  • Then, at last the shippers have to pay for their courier delivery. 

General workflow of the delivery driver in the courier delivery script

  • Like shippers, the delivery driver also has to enter their details manually and update their licenses for admin verification.
  • Once the app admin verifies the documents the person will be labeled as a courier delivery driver in the uber for courier services.
  • After that, the delivery driver will be getting instant requests from the shippers nearby or inside the particular radiance. 
  • The delivery driver has given the flexibility to accept the shipper’s pickup request. Once the driver accepts the request. 
  • Next, the driver can track the shipper’s destination to pick-up the courier and then track the drop location.
  • Following the drop location tracking the delivery driver will be receiving his share of payment instantly at each pickup. 

The main goal of the courier app script is to meet the shipper’s requirements timely by delivering their couriers to the right destination in full safety. This also helps the older peoples to handle their packages easily on their hands themselves. This also cuts the rent charge for package transportation.

Metrics to enhance the Uber for courier services

  • Flexible package delivery option – Gives the shippers to choose their delivery vehicle according to their package size and weight. 
  • Shipping fare estimate – The fare will vary according to the type and size of the vehicle they are placing for their courier delivery.
  • Lively courier tracking – The shippers can track their booked service in real-time lively in detail.
  • Pop-up notification – To make the tracking service and offer updates more reliable this feature will be more useful. 

These are a few of the metrics that can be included in the courier delivery app development to improve the service quality. When you’re focusing on the tech stacks, there are many possible tech stacks in the market to build the courier delivery app. Though there are many options in the market to build a courier app like uber, React Native will be the best choice.

If you’re interested in uber for courier services, you will be in an idea to invest your cost by appointing application developers and designers. This will just consume money and time, act wisely according to trends in the market. Yes, today people start to seek an enriched interface and fast service. 

Developing an enriched designing interface will consume time and you have to lose half of the profit and again work hard to gain it back. To make the entire process as simple, use the pre-developed courier delivery app. In SpotnRides, we provide a ready-made on demand courier delivery app with all possible metrics to enhance the service shortly.

Why Should You Choose SpotnRides Uber for Courier Service App Solution?

In SpotnRides, we provide a pre-developed courier app like uber, this reduces the development and application interface designing time. We will re-design the entire application according to your business requirements and handover it in shortly. Therefore,  you can quickly launch your service with our courier delivery script.

Since our application is pre-developed with the latest technology, it will help you to sustain in the market without any updates for a long duration. This reduces your service update cost and helps you to sustain your users and gain their loyalty. We have also included additional features to make the uber for courier services more friendly. 

  • In-app call option – To make the service more secure, we have integrated the in-app call option. Therefore, the end-players can reach each other without sharing their numbers.
  • Shortest route optimization – This feature helps the courier delivery driver to reach the drop destination quickly by choosing the shortest route.
  • Transparency in earning – To build trust among your service provider, we integrate the earning option. This helps them to check their earnings on each courier drop.
  • Courier service feedback – For further growth in the courier service, this feature will be more helpful. It lets you know about the shipper’s feedback on using your service. 

These are a few key features that have been additionally added to the on demand courier delivery app. If you’re in need of any other feature, it can also be developed and added soon. But, integrating more features will also make the user’s fed up, think carefully before structuring your business plan. 

Ready with your business plan or need help to customize your existing courier service with an app solution. Then, fill the form below, we will reach you back soon or reach us at [email protected] directly. 

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