Tips to Attract Millennials to your Taxi Booking Startup Brand Using SpotnRides

The cost of car ownership is making the young generation to change their attitude towards transport. This case is not isolated and is obvious across the world, especially in the US. On-demand taxi booking startups like Uber and Lyft came as a boon to the millennials; a smartphone with a network is necessary to book a taxi. It is even found in a survey that taxi startups like Uber have a large proportion of young users than any other startup services. Now the situation is spreading to other on-demand services.

New taxi startups that are serving at the local level are yet to enjoy the demand from young users because of a host of issues. If you are a small-time tech entrepreneur running a taxi startup, then it is high time that you make changes.  Here in this blog, I have explained the measure you must take to attract millennials to your brand.  

We develop SpotnRides, a taxi booking app solution for startups; it is based on our experience in this segment we try to bring as many insights to address this issue. 

What are the Tips to Attract Millennials to Your On-Demand Taxi App Booking App Startup?

Network connectivity

Having a wi-fi inside the cab can be a better way to attract young users. Not to mention that millennials are staying online most of the time and their work also demands that. So, a wi-fi facility inside the cab will be of much help. You can even mention this while the users are booking the cab.

Millennials are even ready to pay a little extra for the network facility, so you need not worry about the cost. Combine with the local network provider to materialize this feature since network providers can get more users because of this.

One-touch seat sharing

This option is similar to carpooling, but the carpooling feature does not allow anyone to be picked up anywhere along the route. Instead, you bring a new feature called one-touch seat sharing to allow the users to share the seats to any of their friends along the route;  the fare is then split based on distance traveled.

Millennials like to socialize and the option of one-touch seat-sharing not only reduces the taxi fare but also improves the socialization factor. In one-touch seat-sharing, the rider adds the contacts to which the seats will be shared and the location of pick up is sent to the fellow riders. The cab driver gets the location of stops to pick the new riders.

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Keep up with industry trends

Unlike the previous generations who are not very cautious about the value in terms of comfort, millennials are way too concerned about the values offered by taxi services; this value consciousness starts from the using the app until the taxi ride ends.

So while developing the customer app itself gives more emphasis on creating values like not letting unwanted notifications, ads, and easy navigation. Be in line with the latest industry trends especially in the on-demand taxi booking market since young users vales the latest trends more than anything else.

Even the ride quality is a part of creating value, users normally hate bumpy rides, hence focus on getting professional drivers. This may sound absurd but if it can make a significant change, then it is worth pursuing. 

Optimal pricing strategy

Cost plays a significant role in the deciding factor for young users and they are ready to pay any price if it is totally worth it. In the taxi booking app solution, the algorithm only decides the fare based on waiting time, distance, speed, and the type of car. This mechanism is far better than the unregulated taxi industry, but not very attractive for the present young users. 

Try to figure out the factors that affect the taxi fare and compromise of any of the factors to reduce the fare; compromise cannot be on comfort and facilities. 

The type of car used can significantly bring down the cost. You can even go overboard and decide on the type of vehicles that can be registered in the app. 

Choosing the type of vehicle

There is definitely an option in the app to choose the type of vehicle based on the seating arrangement. But, what I want you to do is to give options to select the cab based on the car brand, luxury, and other factors. Not all of them will be used to ride in a particular type of vehicle. While getting on-board drivers, try to build diverse taxi types to cater to young users.

Final say!

I think most of the tips I explained above has a lot to do with the app solution. SpotnRides, as I said before is well versed in customization of the taxi booking solution. Many of our existing taxi startup clients have adopted these tips and said to have captured a niche young users. These features won’t take much time since our team is used to quickly incorporate new functions.

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