Supercharge Events Through On-Demand DJ Booking Business With The SpotnRides Online DJ Booking App Solution

Making the events happening in our home as the unforgettable moments is in the hands of the planners and the participated peoples. Bringing their own musical instrument with a lot of soundtracks, playing them on the basis of the event type and pleasure the participants in dancing mode are the attractive things that happened on the events. One such person doing all these is ‘Mobile Disk Jockey shortly Mobile DJs’.

With the accumulation of huge DJs, the DJ booking industry or the agency can receive numerous requests from the party planners or the event organizers and the family peoples at weddings and various events respectively. Though the multiple DJs are participating, selecting the right DJ according to the event, tracking the activities and the scheduling of all the appointments are the major tasks for the event agency. 

Even though a huge amount of DJs exist in the industry, the familiarity with this business to the international level is delayed normally observed after the 90s. On account of two major metrics like the cost spent for the event organization and changing technology, the DJs received a limited number of bookings. 

After the arrival of the mobile and web applications, the smartphone users can directly search the nearby available DJs, booking the appointment for the events easily. The numerous features like the in-app conversation, payment processing make the on-demand DJ booking business as the familiar one. 

The basic workflow of the DJs is the hourly workflow where they can have a 4 hours appointment on weekdays and more than 4 hours on the weekends. With the essentialities like the learning of the tracks containing and the checking of whether all the tracks played properly or not, the DJs should meet the plenty of new opportunities traditionally. 

But, the growing innovation in technology enables the new activity called the registering with the DJ booking app. With this, many of the DJs have the globalized business market value and new revenue options. Considering this effectiveness, the entrepreneurs who have an interest in conducting events show their willingness to launch the DJ booking service startup. 

SpotnRides, a well-known ride-hailing platform that connects the riders with the drivers with the advanced options. These options also bring into the DJ booking business with the various real-time analytics and the conversion facilities. 

This blog discusses the changing metrics that highly contribute to the DJ booking industry, the qualities needed for the new DJ to get the maximum rating in the demand platform. Besides, the impact of SpotnRides online DJ booking app solution on the various metrics like booking activities and the growth of the DJ business in detail. 

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What Are All The Changing Metrics Observed In DJ Booking App Solution?

Built of the contact network either with the people or among the event organizers help the DJs to earn enough fame and revenue. Either part-time or the full-time performers add the count value to the business that creates a competitive environment for the DJ booking industry. The digital disruptions changed the dimensions of the DJ booking business. The changing metrics of the business are necessarily be observed and listed as follows:

  • Creative Booking

Equipped with the well-managed booking system is the specific metric nowadays. Traditionally, the appointments are maintained on the help of the calendars and the diaries. The arrival of mobile applications changes the paper-based workflow into the digital platform. 

In this type of booking, the pre-setting parameters like the date, location, and type of event are marked with the help of the application itself. The digital entries facilitate the accuracy of the DJs booking and bring the right DJs at the event place without any flaws. 

  • Perfect Middle Partner for Agents and Peoples

With the help of a suitable mobile application, the event agent or organizers can directly book the DJs and booked DJs to perform the play records on the occasion. After these processes, the payment and all the financial transactions are made through third-party payment apps. 

Moreover, the contract management, scheduling task management, and the DJ trips management are to be synchronized property with the help of the mobile application itself. In this way, the booking agents are easily benefitted and accumulate more DJ booking opportunities. 

  • Unlocking Potential Benefits through Social Media Platform

The important aspect of the DJs booking business is utilizing the revenue options through social media integration. Nowadays, people have the habit to sign up on social platforms and share the events running in-home and organization. 

As a new DJ with a social media account, they can send the request for the event appointments by listing the service details. In this way, the options for business are highly explored and bring more revenue streams to the DJs. 

With these potential perks, the on demand DJs booking business has grown in recent years. Though the business growth reaches the optimal value, the amount of DJs participating in this platform is more. According to this kind of changing face of DJs booking business, the new DJs arriving in the business also focus on certain things to get enough ratings from the people. 

How to Get Five Star Rating in Mobile DJ Industry As A New DJ?

As a new entry, the DJ first should be focused on earning enough fame in the market. To get fame, first of all, the connection established with the various event organizers available in the localized region is the necessary one. The ratings majorly depend on the number of features to be incorporated to provide satisfactory services. 

  • Full-fledged feature-rich conversation platform

The metric that needs to be focused on immediately to get the rating is the conversation platform and this may be in the mobile or website form. Nowadays, many of the people utilize application-wise processing and fulfill their needs through it. 

Hence, the creation of this app-based conversion platform supports the building of a valid contact network containing the huge booking agents or the event organizers. 

  • To handle multiple appointments

Time is a sensitive metric and this allows the DJs to earn the trust value from the customer’s side. While accepting new appointments and handling them with the balance level, a suitable time-set feature is required.  

On weekends, there must be the possibilities of a lot of events happening, based on their availability, the showcase of the DJs in the application portal controlled. By using this information, the people can easily search the immediate next DJ available in the market. 

  • Effective Administration 

The third important metric needed to consider is administration. This one has all the feasibility to register a person as the event organizer or as the DJ. Maintaining all their records right from the new booking requests enabled, except the DJ plays for the event, all transactions carried out in a specific way are controlled by the admin.

Hence, the dedicated interface is needed for the business to manage all the above-listed activities. Not only is this helpful in booking the DJs, but it is also helpful to monitor the tracks available with the DJs. 

  • Timely DJ Services

The DJs must be punctual in all aspects. The customers may be in any of the forms like weddings, prayer functions at temple, corporate party booking business. Hence, professionalism in all the services majorly lies on time. Once the appointment is made, reaching the event’s place at the right time most importantly prior to the time also requires immediate considerations. Hence, the application platform includes the feasible option to handle the timely services to the professionals. 

According to these factors, the five-star rating is easily earned by the DJs. One-stop solution to apply all these metrics is the SpotnRides where it includes the necessary options to make the DJ booking business fit into the changing metrics. 

Customized Functionalities SpotnRides Online DJ booking App Solution Unlocks the DJ Potentials into Outside

Even though the DJs have numerous music talents inherited, the suitable showcasing platform is the needed one and this may open up the new business option for the media industry. The interfaces that support acquiring the right DJ talent will be event organizers or the peoples or the booking agents, DJs, and the admin. The workflow comprised as follows:

  • The DJs first make their registry with the application through the personal credentials and list out the locational and the details of the playing record. 
  • Then, the customers or the event organizers search the DJs nearby or the places nearby to see the event happening.
  • Based on the type of event and the music records details, the matched top-level DJs are showcased on the top. 
  • The customers can directly book the respective DJs only if all the options are met. 
  • After receiving the booking requests, the DJs first look at the location and scheduling details. Based on them, they may initiate the travel. 
  • While traveling, the DJs find minimal distance travel with the smart location finder that leads to accurate time management and scheduling activities. 
  • Once the DJs complete their services, then they get the payments through the payment apps. 

The top-level functionalities of the SpotnRides solution to unlock the potentials of DJs are listed as follows:

  • All-In-One-Profile Listing

The first imperative option of the SpotnRides solution is to include the DJ details in a well-defined manner. The profile of each DJ includes information such as name, location, type of music records handling, price tag related to the hourly appointments. Hence, the event organizers can directly look into the profile and make the smart decision about the DJ selection from the pool. 

  • Effective DJ Scheduling Premises 

The second important SpotnRides solution is to make the DJ schedules in an effective manner. The peoples or the event organizers can directly mention the time for the start of the event and the end time in the application itself. This allows the DJs to make the planning and the commitment of the next DJ appointments easily. 

Since the multiple DJs are accumulated in the single platform, the availability of the particular DJ is easily identified by the notification panel on ‘active’ or ‘in-work’. This option from the SpotnRides lists the number of DJs available freely in the market and in the work state. Mostly, the DJs selected ‘in-work’ option means, then they are not shown in the list on the customer side. 

  • Balanced Administrative Tasks

The third important aspect is to include the feature for admin. This interface contains the management activities like the tracking of the DJs trips, the number of people attended in DJ work, scaling up the DJ portal with the new DJs, and down the list with the removal with the consideration of the reviews from the customer side. 

Besides, the payments collected for the number of appointments and the deduction of the commission are easily handled by the admin. Each profile for the stakeholders allows them to handle each of the activities smoothly with high-transparency. 

  •  Keep an Eye on Value Premises based on SoundTracks 

The price-fixing is based on the factors called time duration for the services and the number of records to be played while the event happens. The SpotnRides has the option called the choice of the records to be played while the event is running.  With this option, the customer can vary the price estimate according to the track selection process. 

How SpotnRides Solution Uplifts the Underground DJs to Globally?

The SpotnRides solution has dedicated dashboards to maintain all the functionalities. The uplifting of the DJ business totally lies in the following aspects.

  • Bidirectional Model

The application platform holds on the options for both the normal peoples, event organizers, or the booking agent. The signup in this way makes the application to fit all the demands raised by the DJ industry. With the integration of social media, the participants or the DJs have reached the saturated requests for the DJ business. 

Worked as the DJ artists or the event planners, the SpotnRides allow them to signup easily and make them fit at any time without any flaws. Hence, the new evolving DJ artists or the underground DJs getting attention through the app itself. 

  • Real-time Tracks on DJs

When DJs enter the application portal, the track record from the entering process is to be analyzed in detail. SpotnRides holds the necessary option where the number of trips acquired by DJs, the duration of the DJs, and the completion period of the event. 

In the same way, the customers also can track the DJs location, running status and the time for the arrival also easily gained metric with the SpotnRides solution. 

  • Choice-based DJ selection

The most important thing observed in the SpotnRides solution is to select the DJs based on the preferences. Providing satisfactory services makes booking repetitive. SpotnRides has the option called preferred DJ on the event. With this, the selective DJs in the local region get repetitive aspects.  

Final Words

Building up the unique conversation platform is the major need for the DJ booking business since this has numerous business options in the future. Aggregation of the wide variant DJs with the specialized music tracks and scheduling their appointments based on their time are the major difficulties of the DJ booking business. 

SpotnRides acts as the best interconnect platform were the DJs, event organizers, or the people are easily conveyed their music tracks option. Besides, all-in-one platforms like managing the schedules, trips for DJs, and the commission deduction are easy with the help of the SpotnRides solution. Build your community on DJs with [email protected] and makes your stamp on the event handling industry. 

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