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Nowadays it has become increasingly difficult for working parents to take care of their children all the time. That said, children under the age of 10 require special care and attention. In the US alone, 45% of the families have both mother and father working. Even though they allocate a considerable amount of time to spend with their children, they don’t have the luxury to do it all the time. 

Also, nearly one-fourth of the families in the US have single parents which makes it a herculean task to manage their children. So, these working parents are receptive to anyone who can take good care of their children when needed and are even ready to pay good money to them. This demand opened a new kind of work called as babysitting or simply can say as a child caretaker. Many of them do it part-time to earn extra money and also spend time with children. On average, a babysitter charges anywhere in between $10-$13 per hour in the US. 

In Asian and European countries, the babysitting culture is slowly gaining popularity.

Challenges for parents 

  • Getting a babysitter at the appropriate time is a big problem. 
  • There is no standard rate per hour and parents end up giving more money.
  • The reliability and credibility of the babysitter are not known.  
  • Safety of children cannot be ensured during babysitting.

How On-Demand Babysitter App to Overcome the above Challenges?

The challenges in the conventional babysitting can be faced if there is a reliable and trustworthy system is in place and I strongly believe that an app-based babysitter booking app will be helpful. A Uber like app for babysitter booking has a separate app for the babysitter, customer, and the admin. 

Since there is an app for everything, there is very little reason to not have an app for babysitter booking. For entrepreneurs who want to start a business with very little investment then, on-demand babysitter booking is the right idea. 

What they have to do is to get babysitters on board the app and make users easy to book a babysitter.

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How does it work?

  • Parent install the customer babysitter app and register all the details.
  • They provide the date, time, and location to search for babysitters.
  • The available babysitter is booked and a request is sent to them.
  • The babysitter can accept or decline the request. Once the request is agreed, the babysitter takes care of children at the specific time-frame.
  • After the time is over, the users pay via an integrated payment system and review, rate the service.

Benefits of using the babysitter app

  • The babysitter can send real-time updates about the children which can be a relief for the parents. 
  • Emergency panic button in the babysitter app to send an immediate message to the parents.
  • The parents can book a service based on previous reviews, ratings, and background checks.
  • The rate is standard and can be paid at the end of the service.
  • More number of service than before for the babysitter. 
  • With just tap, the parents can book a babysitter and avail a service quickly.
  • Exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who can earn money just by connecting the users with the babysitter.

Top features of the babysitter app

Panic/Emergency button:  It allows the babysitter to send any immediate messages in case of any problem. 

Chat: The in-app chat can be used by both the parents and babysitter to exchange messages and real-time updates to ensure the safety of the child.

Background check for the babysitter: The babysitter is admitted into the service only after a background check and users can check the verification in the app. Also, review & rating, pictures, certifications, age, etc for each babysitter is visible in the app which can also be checked by the users before the service is booked.

Review and rate the babysitter: At the end of the service, the user can rate and review the service and the babysitter which will be helpful to improve the service.

Built-in timer: The timer in the user app starts once the babysitter enters the house and continues until the end of the service. 

Customer support: Both the babysitter and the users can contact customer care for any kind of support.

Top babysitter startups

Sitter: Sitter is a babysitter, daycare, and childcare services app operating in the US and Canada. They also offer other services like pet sitting, elder care, etc. They admit a babysitter only after rigorous background checks. 

Poppins: This Japan based babysitting service is not just another startup. It employs close to 300 in their business and also offer professional services for the employee’s children. They are working closely with the employees of many corporate companies. And they assign a babysitter quickly if the service is booked within a day.

Urbansitter: This US-based company is operating from San Francisco and functioning in 12+ cities. Here babysitters can post their service in a matter of minutes without any tedious process. Urbansitter also connects with various groups like mom groups and facebook.

Final say

As I said earlier, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to start this business except for the app solution. For the app solution too there are prebuilt app scripts which are drastically lower in cost than developing from scratch.

Try SpotnRides, which is a readymade babysitter booking app. All the top features mentioned above are present in our solution and more features can also be added. No time will be better than now to start this exciting startup and make money. We are also looking to join with enthusiastic minds to work in the on-demand space. 

Just buy the solution, customize it, get on-board the babysitters, market the solution and that is all. We will also aid you by providing technical assistance even after the app is deployed and running smoothly.

Contact us on [email protected]. You can also call us anytime to clarify your doubts and queries.

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