Scale-up Consumer Appointments With Personalized Shopping Assistant App from SpotnRides

Staying lively in the market for a long-time with potential customers is still crucial for the local shop owners. To stay long in the market and get volumetric appointments, addressing the personalization needs of the customers in a smart way is the important criteria.

Raising digital platforms such as app-based modules acts as the best supporting thing for the shop owners to capture the customer’s attention immediately. One such module fit for this process is the personal shopper app that acts as the smart connecting platform for the customers with the personal shoppers.

Making the activities smarter via such an online personal shopper app allows the shoppers to turn the workflow more focused than previous and bring a huge range of customers for in-store purchases. SpotnRides creates a well-managed personal shopper app with attentive metrics for high-revenue growth. This blog illustrates how the volumetric traffic is getting increased with the perfect personal shopper app from SpotnRides.

High-Volumetric Purchasing Traffic: Most-Essential for High-Revenue

One of the essential things to get high-revenue is high-volume customers. Once you keep retaining the potential customers for a long-time, this will be the chance to bring the new customers also. Shopping assistant app development is the fruitful option for retention and it is also a guaranteed one for high-volume purchases. This is not an easy activity for the shop owners and it highly depends on the following essentials.


Getting close to the customers is the important one to make them potential users. Treating their personalization needs with the high-priority is helpful for this. To make it happen, shop owners are digitally connected with the shopping assistants through the mobile app for personal shoppers.

As soon as the new brands evolved in the market and any promotional events, the direct intimation via ad banner in the personal shopping assistant app to the customers must exist.

Service Expansion Assured

Treating the customer preferences by the personal shoppers allows you to expand your service to various business platforms. Right from the individual customers, to the whole fashion industry, the recommendation via digital platforms assures easy expansion of services on a wide scale.

Deep Data Analysis

Collecting the customer data and their personalized needs in a digital form from the shopping assistants allows the service provider to bring the new products into their stores. Further, the data recording the number of visits is helpful for greeting them with attentive options like the subscription, new offers, etc.

Save Shopping Time

With the integration of geofencing features, the location of the shops is easily tracked. The shopping assistants can be directly present at the place mentioned by the customers on-time or mostly prior to them.

Due to this presence, the shoppers already pre-select the products according to the preferences. Hence, the time to randomly search for the items gets reduced. This saves the shopping time accurately.

Addressing these needs is an important activity to make the customers stay on the business model for a long time. To achieve this, SpotnRides provides you a feasible personal shopper app with all the interfaces and the optimal features.

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How SpotnRides Addresses the Personalization Needs for Consumer?

SpotnRides considers the real-time expectations from the customers and provides the exact fit platform called personal shopper app that includes the dedicated modules like the shoppers, shopping assistants, and the service provider.

  • The workflow of the personal shopper app starts with the search of the personal shoppers available in the market. 
  • The group of personal shoppers according to field experience and the location get immediate alerts.
  • Personal shoppers can communicate with the consumers or shoppers or fashion models to identify the needs and expectations. 
  • Perform the trip to the stores declared by the shoppers and present on-time via GPS-based tracking. 
  • A complete shopping and satisfy the consumers with the impressive options and get their rating via the app itself.

The supporting metrics of the personal shopping assistant app to address the personalization needs for the customers are listed as follows.

In-App Advertising

This metric allows the service provider or the local shop owners to host their own advertisements to make the customers aware of the latest trendy products, shopping expo, product exhibitions, etc. With this instant awareness, the customers can easily know the location and the time for the events and book the personal shoppers accordingly via an online personal shopping assistant app.

Easy Linguistic & Currency Handling

With the inclusion of the multi-lingual and multi-currency handling feature, the personal shopper app from SpotnRides allows the local shop owners to easily extend their services in the new region without any hesitation. The intercommunication between the personal shoppers and the customers gets strong and addresses the personalized recommendations quickly.

Quick Data Accessible

With the dedicated module for the shoppers, they can easily set their own profiles. This personal shopper app allows both the shoppers and personal shoppers to maintain their database and product recommendations accurately. With this, the service provider can easily access the details and use them for promotional activities faster.

Optimized Trips

One of the fruitful options from the SpotnRides personal shopper app is the geo-location-based tracking where provides the optimal distance information to the personal shoppers to make the trips on-time. The direct presence within the prescribed time allows the personal shoppers to complete their shopping appointments per day easily.

6 Essential Tricks in personal shopper app to Increase Shoppers

For any cloth or any product retailer shops, stability in the customer’s count and instant fulfilling of the major demands guaranteed activity for retaining the customers for the long-term. The role of shopping assistants is a necessary one and they will be the immediate responders to the customer opinions in real-time. The 6 essential tricks followed to build a shopping assistant application are listed as follows.

Quick Aggregation of Personal Shoppers

Since the number of customers is getting increased every day, the need for more personal shoppers is also high. It is necessary to arrange the personal shoppers on the single window either independent manner or by the group. The personal shopper app allows you to create the group and make them handle each need separately.

Social Shopper Community

With the integration of social media platforms, the formation of the community of personal shoppers is getting easier for the service provider. This social community allows the personal shoppers to engage the customers more closely than in traditional ways.

Track Shopper Status

Customers have one of the brilliant options from SpotnRides like the tracking shoppers status currently. Keep maintaining the track record in a digital form allows the service provider or shopper to easily be aware of the current location.

Instant Payment

Both the personal shoppers and the customers can easily convey the payment collection activities. Due to its instant revenue platform, the number of players involved in the business is more. The direct inclusion of instant payment within the personal shopper app greets the customers and the shop owners can experience the real-time revenue in the market.

Event-Based Promotions

Seasonal events are unavoidable in some cases. Customers expect the chance to pre-book the personal shoppers prior to the events. The personal shoppers attached to this app having any event-based promotional or offers means and then they can easily host the promo via advertisement banners.

Recursive Booking of Familiar Player

With the inclusion of the repeated access of the personal shoppers, the shopping assistant app from SpotnRides brings convenience to the customers for easy access of their own personalized shoppers accurately.

What are all Impressive Options to Make In-Store Traffic Live?

Partnering with the feature-rich personal shopping assistant app from the SpotnRides allows shop owners to increase the in-store purchase traffic. The impressive options to bring in-store purchase traffic still live are listed as follows.

Minimizes Time Consumption

With the inclusion of a shopping assistant app in the hand, the shopping time gets reduced. Also, the recommendation or the guidance from the shopping assistant via in-app allows the customers to make the purchases with a minimum amount.

Best Deal Making

By making the interrelationship between the merchants and the personal shoppers, the deals generation turned to be optimal. Also, the online shopping assistant broadcasts this information to the targeted audiences through the app itself. This increases the in-store traffic and revenue value too.

Wrapping Up

Creating a link between the shops and customers is important to increase the traffic volume of in-store purchases. Personal shopping assistants play a vital role in this process and SpotnRides innovates the activities further via the personal shopping assistant app.

With the design of the shopping assistant app as per the customer’s intentions, SpotnRides scale-up the revenue value and allows the shop owners to retain the potential customers. To know more details on the effect of the shopping assistant app, share your queries with us at [email protected].

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