Optimizing Front Line Workforces: Smart Ways of SpotnRides Field Service Management App Solution Drive Field Service On Account of Digital Transformation

Are you having managing and assigning skills? If yes means, you can start your own field service business. Upon the generic view, it looks like an easy and small task. But, the collection of repairing demands from the customers or organization and assigning the right field technician to the right services are tedious tasks. At first, the issues are grouped into three stages as follows:

  • Business owners like you or Customer Service Representatives (CSR) collect the compliant details from the origin and record those in a proper format. The misreading in any of the forms definitely affects the sequential operational stages.
  • The second stage such as technicians is responsible for servicing. If they do not cope with the scheduled period, reaching their destination on time and ensure with the right resources, then this also makes a huge impact on business.
  • The third stage is ultimately the customers who face the issues while tracking the technician, behavior while servicing and conveying that details to the service representatives by a paper-based recording.

Resolving all those risks by yourself makes you an overtired day and hence one suitable field service management system is required for convenience. This system includes dedicated apps for each player participating in the field service business.

By using the field service business management app, CSR receives the complaints orders in a digital form and this minimizes the time in order collection. The technician app associated with CSR can receive all the tasks with the time and location details and get prepared for services.

After the service is completed, the sharing option in the app allows the customers to validate the service of the technician and reports to CSR immediately. Now, growing innovations increase more demands from customers and need plenty of updates in the field force management app.

Looking globally, the field service management market plays a major role in the economy. The growth rate is expected to be 16.5% and the volume is $4.45 billion in the year 2022. Now we are in 2020. Hence, this is the right perfect time to launch your own field service business with the right field service scheduling app.

This blog emphasizes how reliable field services are acted as the driving factor for future digital transformation and the needed things. Further, the impact of the SpotnRides Field Service Management (FSM) app solution for building the front line workforce and maximizing productivity in detail. 

How SpotnRides Field Services Business Management App Drive Towards Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the new trend and this makes a huge impact on various businesses either manpower or application-based. To meet out this transformation, many of the entrepreneurs sterilize the business practices and structure through the mobile application.  Why are mobile app-based field services called the driving force of digitization?. Following are the reasons:

  • Enriching Customer Relationship

With the inclusion of digitization approaches like mobile apps or software, the field service business can be made more reliable. The advanced data analytics from mobile apps help the business owners to manage the compliant orders, technician details and assigning orders in a flawless manner.

Handy app utilization in every service activity may help the CSRs to concentrate on more service calls and thereby adding new customers for expansion of business is easy.

  • Valuing Technicians

By analyzing the field service business, traditional players are more concentrated on customer satisfaction. With the arrival of mobile apps, everyone’s efforts are valued in a single platform. The research analysis stated that 75% of the field service players deploy mobile apps to carry out the tasks with high-focus on data collection and add the capabilities for the success of many locally available technicians.

  •  Secure Operation

Field services are done for both the individual and the organization. In both cases, the security of the credentials of the customer is the most important feature. Digitization offers high-end security measures through encryption standards to protect sensitive data. 

The in-built security feature is the needed one to assure reliable field services. Alternatively, validating the technician by analyzing identity proofs also makes the customer to freely participate in the field service business.

  •  In-field benefits

One of the interesting aspects observed in digitization by mobile application is no need to go to the office at the right time. Both the service representatives and the technicians utilize their apps only at the time of complaints. 

By the way, scheduling the FSM activities, feel-free working yields more gig technicians to participate and thereby the FSM as a productive business compared to other businesses.

Above-listed is the miniature things of digital transformation. If you opt for a suitable service management app, you can explore more benefits even in sitting in the home itself. Prior to the app development process, you must know the things required by the FSM market. 

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Things to acquire in Field Service Management Platform

Hitting the compliant orders at the right time with the right person is a serious task for the CSR peoples. It involves the multi-level coordination of technicians irrespective of the regional limits. 

Mobile apps are the prominent players to connect or integrate all technicians under a single roof. But, there is a need for concentrating on the following things while developing a mobile app.

  • Rely on Proper Scheduling of Service Appointments

Rather controlling on the arrival of compliant orders managing the orders is an effective one for the field service business. As soon as the new compliant request arrived, the analysis of what type of compliant and which technician is the right choice is processed initially and then schedule the compliant orders on the aspect of technicians.

The developed mobile application has the ability to schedule the repairing process according to factors like location, time, distance traveled. The business reports stated that the right FSM app utilization can increase the rate of completed jobs per day is 47% and the decreased rate for a time be 77%.

  • Build standardization

Streamlining the technicians and monitoring their orders are the driving forces for the standardization of business. The mobile app must allow the tracking feature and hence the CSRs monitor the technicians and their services for each order easily.

Further, the budget fixing and sharing the commissions to the technician from the customer’s payment through the app means, the transparency and the fast collection of payments make the entire business as the standard one.

  •  Stay Alive where or when 

Faults arrived without any prior information and hence the technicians are capable of receiving the complaints if they are anywhere and anytime. If the FSM tasks are carried out by the mobile application means, the 24/7 support is the highlighted feature where customers initiate the compliant requests at any time.

Empowering the technicians with the right tools and resources may also bring benefits to the technician side. Conveying facilities must be presented on the mobile apps in order to convey the type of complaint then only the respective technician gets alerted and they also make the planning regarding what type of accessories to carry.

  •  Stable WaaS by SaaS

Opting the right mobile solution or SaaS for your business makes your entire business as WaaS. Allowing promotions through the top technician and offering subscriptions make both the technician and customers are staying with you easily by mobility solution.

The SaaS also makes the CSRs no worries in managing physical hardware, any upgrades in tools and security risks. Outsourcing the services to a suitable technician through a valid partner say technician reduces the huge stress for CSR.

Upon the detailed analysis of this section, offering features like tracking, scheduling, financial biddings, and intercommunication is the success factor for the mobile application. Here, the SpotnRides with all inherited features are there and this also reduces the searching stress easily. 

How SpotnRides field service management app solution optimizes workforce

SpotnRides, a well-trained player in the taxi-hailing market extends its vision on the FSM market with the right solution. The major apps associated with this solution are CSR app, technician app, and the customer app. The workflow of these apps is illustrated as follows: 

  • Customers who need a technician place the requests through application after the registration process.
  • CSR validates the request from the customer and showcases the compliant details on the dashboard of the technicians
  • Here, the number of technicians is tied up with the CSR. Upon looking at the compliant details, the respective technician accepts the complaints and takes the order.
  • After the acceptance, the customer gets notified the details of technicians
  • CSR shares the details of the customer like location, time to reach mostly on the same day is the preferable one.
  • After collecting the credentials from the customer, the technicians can move to the location and play the service operation.
  • After service is over, the customer can pay the wages through digitally and CSR sends the digital invoice to both the technician and customer.

With the assistance of the SpotnRides FSM app solution, you optimize the workforce in the following ways.

  • Scheduled Appointments

The first and foremost thing is scheduling appointments with the technician. When the number of orders is more irrespective of the location limits, either the schedule of a single technician on multiple works or multiple technicians for multi-complaints is possible with this solution. 

Hence, the handling complaints by the technicians are a stress-free manner and it also strengthens the workforce.

  • Standardization by tracking

With the tracking option available in SpotnRides, customers can find the location of the technician easily. In the same way, the technician also benefited from finding the best route to the destination and thereby the time of the travel is reduced considerably.

The digitization in the recording of compliant orders and easy manipulating those with the single window application increases the performance of your business and builds your own standard in the market.

  •  Instant Support

Generating instant customer service requests with the dedicated options and the seamless browsing of available technicians assure the support level. Maintaining a stable link between the customers and technicians through the communication option allows the customers to convey the type of complaint clearly. Thereby, the technicians are also notified through the app itself and get ready. 

Most Effective Solutions of SpotnRides field service management app solution for maximizing productivity

In addition to the streamline the mobile workforce, SpotnRides also supports productivity maximization and attracts new customers effectively. The following are the SpotnRides FSM app’s most-effective solutions.

  • Contractors Management

With the real-time control of compliant orders and scheduling of them to appropriate technicians, SpotnRides play a major role in timely delivery. The direct options like subscriptions and promo-codes in the SpotnRides FSM app solution attract the customers and technicians respectively.

  •  Data-driven Approach

The digital collection of the data from the customers regarding the compliant orders and the service reports assure the accuracy. Replacement of paper-based operations increases accountability and reduces human error. Secure credentials also have the added benefit.

  •  Valuing Field Service

The behavior of the technician also has a direct influence on the FSM profitability since they are the persons who made direct interactions. Validating the service through the reviews and rating options helps the CSR to identify the top performer and make them retaining successfully. 

Final Say

By analyzing all the aspects of FSM, a mobile app solution is needed in order to cope up with the digital transformation. Organizing the technicians, collecting the compliant requests and processing entire orders through the single window is the specialized nature of the mobile application.

Further, the blog illustrates the effect of the SpotnRides field service management app solution on keeping the mobile workforce and maximizing the profit in detail. Why are you still waiting?. Share your ideas with us at [email protected]  and avail of the potential benefits. 

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