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Imagine that you are in a new city and want to relocate to another place. The first thing you do is to pack and move all the household items to the new place. The point is how to do it? Trucks and some laborers can help to shift the items but, the problem is to connect with them. This problem is not only limited to house items but also to offices and mass shifting.

This problem can be easily solved innovatively through a business model similar to Uber.  it is possible to search and find movers using the mobile app. It is estimated that only 50% of the people hire professional movers & trucks for shifting and remaining people do it themselves because of non-availability of suitable and timely movers.

What is Uber for Movers App Startup?

The On-demand movers booking app can be launched as a startup. Entrepreneurs and businessmen who are already running a truck business can be a part of this startup. 

For entrepreneurs, this startup will be a new find and it is not necessary to be in the truck business to launch this startup. Instead, you as an admin of this startup can connect people with movers using the app. What you have to do is to enlist all the nearby movers in the app. Then, users can easily search and book a mover anytime and anywhere on the app. For each booking, you get some commission. In simple words, your investment is only on the app solution and marketing. If everything is good, you can make a lot of money with very little capital.

For businessmen who are already running a truck business can use the movers booking app for their truck business.  People who require their service can reach out to them on the mobile app.     

Working of Mover booking app

The functionality is more or less similar to the Uber taxi app. In the movers booking app, the workflow happens as follows:-

  • The user registers all the details in the app by entering the address, location, name, and destination for shifting.
  • Next, all the nearby movers are shown to the user and the user selects the mover based on reviews and ratings.
  • Within minutes, the mover will come to the user for packing and shifting.
  • After the shifting is completed, the user pays the mover on the app.

The user can mention all the conditions and specifications of the type of goods to be shifted on the app. The in-app chat feature is present so that the user can directly connect with the mover. 

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Core features of the movers booking app

Real-time tracking

Whatever on-demand business it may be, whether it is last mile delivery or hyperlocal delivery, real-time tracking is common and this is what differentiates from other services. In the case of on-demand movers app, users send personal belongings, valuable things, furniture, etc and it should be safely shifted without any damage. 

Real-time tracking is used here to ensure that the shifting is completed perfectly and users can track it all along in their mobile app. The on-demand movers app uses Google map API which gives a vivid view of the package on the map.

Pick packing choices

The magnitude of items to be shifted is not same for everyone and if possible the user can mention it on the app so that it is easy to filter and display the movers who can shift the mentioned items. 

Also, it is also possible to book the movers at any date ahead of the schedule to avoid last minute hassles.

Ratings and Review

Packing and moving services are not like other delivery services. The shifting must be delicate and it lot depends on the type of service provider. So, it is imperative to have a rating and review system. Users can book suitable service based on ratings and reviews and also they give after each service.

The overall functionality of the app is simple and interested entrepreneurs and businessmen can try this on-demand startup idea which is relatively new and gives hope.

Once you have decided to launch this startup, the first thing you need to do is to get the app solution. I strongly recommend you to have SpotnRides – on-demand app solution similar to Uber and made exclusively for movers booking service. 

All the designs and features in our solution are curated by experienced developers. We are also competent to personalize the solution to your needs and present the best of the best.

You don’t have to worry even after getting our solution and started to function. We provide free support and maintenance for some time and give updates at the correct time.

Now, it is for you to decide. To know more about SpotnRides, drop a message to [email protected]. Our team is ready to answer all the queries.

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