Make Effective Auto Inspection Business Plan With The Volumetric Features Of SpotnRides Auto-Inspector Booking App Solution

Inspect prior to buying gives value for your money. People focus on this aspect even in small things in nearby stores. If it comes for big purchases, surely the inspection is an unavoidable one. The automotive industry especially needs this inspection service while buying the used vehicle.

The emergence of online shopping platforms provides opportunities for people to sell or buy needed things. But, the items listed in the shopping portal need a thorough inspection if they are vehicles. Right from the single car to the large size vehicles, the inspection provides the guarantee of the product and assures the safety in logistics.

Buying a used car is an economically fit process for the individual peoples and they consistently look for any inspection services available in the market. To satisfy these needs, the on-demand auto inspection service has emerged in recent years and It received huge customer attractions.

Prior to looking to start an auto inspection business, it is necessary to identify why this requires and how it reflects on consumer behavior.

  • Mostly, the issue exists among the buyer and the seller while price-fixing. The auto inspector plays the intermediate role and they can visit the seller’s place, make the inspection of vehicle parts, compare them with the original rate as well as year’s usage. After the inspection is over, they provide the feasible price value. 
  • The auto inspectors bring awareness related to insurance policies, accessories working periods, etc. 
  • The influence of the high-quality inspection service makes the buyers feel comfortable regarding the high-value purchases.
  • People received the benefit of smoothness in the car running since the purchases are done only after the inspection.
  • Continuous spending of money to damages and automobile parts after the purchases is the absent one if the vehicle is inspected.

Thanks to technology, the latest innovation called mobile applications to simplify the inspection activities as smoother than earlier. Within the application portal, the aggregation of various inspectors is done after the thorough validation of their credentials. Hence, the buyers experience trust assurance from your services.

Mainly, you faced major difficulties in retaining the stakeholders involved in the business like inspectors, buyers, and sellers. Besides, the auto inspectors accumulated on your portal experienced real-time difficulties while they made the inspection trips and payment collection.

By analyzing the above issues, the professionals start to look for any app for an auto inspection service startup. After knowing such a wide range of issues, SpotnRides develops the auto inspector booking app solution for vehicle inspection. 

Due to its scalability and customization, the stakeholders and the features are either added up or minimized depends on the needs. This blog is all about the impact of the SpotnRides solution for your services.

Creating Safety Logistics With The On Demand Auto Inspection Services

The participation of vehicles in every sector is unimaginable. For all scale, business platforms and the industries make a partnership with the logistics team in order to transport their goods from one place to another via roads.

The same thing is reflected in the public and private transportation industry too. The Mckinsey reports stated that the market value for the automotive aftermarket is 800 bn euro. This value is continually increased and the approximate rate of increase will be 3% by 2030.

Concerning the economical factors, the transport service provider or the officials of the logistics team can look for the used vehicle in a good condition instead of buying the new one. On demand inspection services lie in an intermediate stage and provide the necessary support to buyers and sellers. The influence of inspection services in the purchasing process is highly observed in the following ways.

  • Deep Checking Process

One of the specializations of the auto inspection service is the deep checking process. Recently, the on demand solutions provide the peculiar support to the auto inspectors. To do the in-place checking directly, the sellers are to be present on inspection time.

The pre-purchase inspection from on demand solutions assures the deep checking process. Right from the outer to the inner, all-side clear analysis is carried out with the integrated real-time analytics.

  • Provision of Big Relief for Buyers

While the buyers book for the used car or vehicle through the online shopping platforms, they may get frustrations whether the quality of the parts is accurate or not. Then, the car must be free of any minor to major damages and this highly reflects on insurance policies.

By taking all considerations, the inspection service providers assign the auto inspector to make the consecutive visit on various regions, prepare the inspection report and show their report in the form of digitally by the application itself. From the report, buyers experience big relief and do the immediate purchases.

  • Meet Eco-Inspection Trend

Traditionally, paper-based vehicle usage history reports may cause environmental issues and lead to human manipulations. Incorrect data can lead to excessive spending costs for buyers in the future.

This type of fault report making causes serious disruption to the reputation value. Since you are the new launcher, you must be aware of these things. Replacing the paper-based report by the digital platform yields the transparency and accuracy of your inspection services.

On the basis of economical concern, the buyers show their interest to buy the used vehicle. Hence, you are on demand inspection services to cope up with that trend and bring enough convenience to the buyers. Then only you can receive more inspection requests and fame in the transport industry.

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Auto Inspectors Need to Know the Tactics of Better Inspection in On demand Scenarios

Since the auto inspectors are the real key players and driving force of the business, they must be specialized in some of the tactics. With the high-quality inspectors in the background, both the sellers and buyers aggregated in the online platform exchange their queries in an easy way. This section illustrates the necessary tactics for easy operation.

  • Wide Coverage Inspection Report

For each inspection is over, the report regarding the details of damaged parts in the vehicle, quality aspects, number of years used and their insurance details are to be presented in a detailed manner.

The digital way of reporting is the recent trend and hence, the inspection history maintenance by the application is the foremost important thing for auto-inspectors. As soon as the inspection is over, the report is immediately shared with the service provider.

If the vehicle is in a damaged case, the insurance office higher officials also need the inspection report to precede the claiming premises where the report from auto-inspectors is a highly beneficial one.

  • Ability to Quick Process the Inspection Request

The next important thing required for the auto-inspectors is the quick response. Either seller or buyer, the time of purchase of a used car is the main thing. Since the auto-inspectors lie in an intermediate stage, they must handle the requests quickly as soon as raised.

How far they handle the service quickly leads to carrying more inspection appointments and thus the revenue earned by them is also more. Besides, the quality assurance in services can bring you the fame of services in the transportation industry.

  • Ability to Carry Multiple Schedule Inspection

Carrying the multiple schedules on the paper-basis workflow is the difficult one. Hence, they are in need to participate in the digital platform. Here, the sellers can set their time schedule for inspection based on their availability in place.

The number of buyers and sellers available in various regions makes the inspection service requests. Managing their requests by you is the difficult one. The application provides the necessary support for you to assign the inspector to the customer’s place based on the availability on both sides. This automatic assigning helps the auto inspectors to carry the inspection tasks without any collapse.

On the basis of the above-listed things, the auto-inspectors registered their impact on the vehicle inspection services. The key takeaway point from these discussions is that the auto inspectors are in need of a proper application. SpotnRides solution plays a best-fit role with the necessary functionalities. Take a look in the next sections.

How does the SpotnRides Auto Inspector Booking App Platform act as Best Supporting Tool?

With the focus on getting a smooth ride and easy claim, car inspection services are getting a boom in the market. The operational workflows can be extended in SpotnRides solution to various vehicles and hence the solution is called as ’auto inspector booking app solution’. The interfaces of SpotnRides solution to make the workflow as a better one are listed as follows:

  • Buyer or Seller: The peoples who wish to buy the new vehicle or sell the vehicle are aggregated into this interface by simple registration. The used vehicles are illustrated as bikes, cars, etc. Those who apply for the insurance of damaged vehicles also participated as the claimer in this interface.
  • Auto Inspector: The qualified and experienced auto-inspectors use this interface to analyze the number of inspection requests.
  • Service provider or Admin: This interface is purely dedicated to you. With this, you can manage all the inspection activities by simply sitting in anyplace and anytime.

The workflow of the complete vehicle inspection process is depicted in the following ways.

  • Either buyers or sellers start their registration processes and initiate the inspection request by specifying their name, location, details of the vehicle, and schedules for inspection.
  • As soon as the inspection requests are received, the inspectors available in the same region or nearby region provide the responses by specifying the charge for inspection on time-basis.
  • If the customers were satisfied with the price value, then they booked the respective inspectors and tracked their activity.
  • Auto inspectors start trips to the customer’s place, make the complete inspection, handover the report in digital form through the customer’s as well as the admin portal itself.
  • The respective payment is credited directly to the admin account and the commission for inspection is transferred to the inspector’s account directly.

The features of the SpotnRides auto inspector booking app solution make the inspection services as the better one are illustrated as follows.

  • Quick Handling Inspection Demands

Based on vehicles like bike or car, the qualified professionals are immediately assigned for the inspection task. The immediate assigning by the SpotnRides solution receives numerous attention in the market. With the use of the latest technological practices, the various demands from the buyers or sellers are to be met up with the SpotnRides solution.

  • Accurate Inspection Report

Since this is the life-saving business, the auto inspectors and their reports play a major role. The SpotnRides solution has registered its pace on both aspects. The grouping of qualified inspectors after the complete validation through the digital way is the first case.

The accuracy of the inspection report in the digital form allows the buyers or sellers to make the fine decision on price value. The accurate reports are also reflected in getting claims from insurance companies. How far the report is generated quickly is helpful for immediate claims. SpotnRides solution is the best option for this.

  • Easy Inspection Community Build Up

The application itself is the interconnection platform and it also allows the integration of social media. Besides, the registration through the social media account allows the sellers or buyers to share their experience related to vehicle inspection.

The encouragement of this type of share can provide the visibility of your services in the market. This visibility ensures your online presence consistently and helps to gain more inspection requests from the customers.

Valuing the Auto-Inspectors’ Activities with Volumetric Options of SpotnRides Solution

The features of the SpotnRides solution also offer big support in valuing the auto-inspector activities described in this section.

  • Keep Track of Auto Inspector Activity

The admin is necessary to know the status of the auto inspectors whether they are on task or not. The free players are immediately added to the portal and make them get the task. Moreover, the SpotnRides solution also allows the customer to track the auto inspectors’ current status and make instant communication through the in-app chat options.

  • Inspection Trip Time Minimization

Auto inspectors make the number of trips for the day in order to cover a wide range of inspection requests from various regions. The time consumption for travel is more means, the number of tasks to be fulfilled by them are minimized that is reflected in revenue.

SpotnRides solution allows the smart map navigation and route finders to identify the optimal route for the trip. This reduces the distance traveled and hence the time and fuel consumption also minimized for the trip.

  • Seamless Schedule Handling

As per the customer’s preferences and their schedules, the auto inspectors are comfortable with the inspection tasks handling. With the possibilities of the SpotnRides solution, the auto inspectors can visit the customer’s place and do the complete inspection in respective schedules.

Those who are provided the quality inspection can get more appointments and thus the revenue is scale-up within the short span. The aggregation of top players based on the customer’s positive reviews also earn promotions over the scheduling period easily with this solution.

Final Say

Vehicle or auto inspection services are the well-groomed platforms and their effectiveness highly reflected in the purchasing industry. Either seller or the buyer looks for the suitable inspection service provider and book the auto inspector to play the smart decision making regarding price and claims. Accurate reports and timely inspection are the top metrics to be focused on the services to be effective.

SpotnRides solution includes the necessary options to meet the accuracy and timely needs of the customers. It also plays a big supporting tool for the stakeholders involved in business and assures their success in the competitive market. Still, you are in need of clarifications, get more from our experts in [email protected], and launch your auto inspection service startup.

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