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Wherever you see around you, you can spot an on-demand business running. Be it in food delivery, movie ticket booking, travel ticket booking, cab booking, room rental and many more. But one field that is still untapped in on-demand business is the Healthcare sector.  Healthcare has good potential in On-demand business that has not caught the eyes of many.

The present state of HealthCare

Until 30 years ago medical services worked in a way that a doctor has to come to the house to give treatment provided prior appointment is booked. This is not true for all countries, second and third world countries suffered a lot because of non-availability of doctors.

Also, on those days only affluent families can afford qualified doctors. The case was worst in rural areas. Proper elderly care, neonatal care and routine checkups for pregnant ladies are a dream for many till now. Still, rural areas have poor access to healthcare when compared to urban counterparts. Distance, transportation and poor facilities are cited as the main reason for this.

In some poor countries respiratory infection, diarrhea, heart problem, tuberculosis(TB) are some of the leading causes of deaths. 76 per 1000 people die because of respiratory infection. All these diseases if treated effectively at right time can be a life-saving activity.

Women after delivering the baby should get a routine health check-up and proper neonatal care. Women in rural areas cannot travel a long distance along with baby for a health check-up.  This problem can be rectified if at least health checkup devices are brought to rural areas.

For other tests like blood test, sugar test, pressure etc. can be easily ascertained at patients home with the right devices.

How on-demand healthcare app solution help us?

Now in the age of advanced technology, we can leverage the potential of on-demand business for healthcare. With a tap on the phone, we can call the doctors for treatment at affordable rates.

For doctors, this can be an additional source of income. Doctors are not required for everything, for example, a series of tests can be taken without doctor intervention. So getting test devices to home can also be done as an on-demand service.

How it works:

  • A person schedules house visit doctor/nurse through a mobile app or website at a time convenient for them.
  • A doctor or nurse or health checkup person shows up at your home.
  • A range of services are offered depending on patients and charge some predetermined fee.
  • Finally, a medical report is generated in the app and further advice is also provided.

At present, there are some on-demand healthcare companies running successfully.

Go2Nurse: This is an app based company which connects bedridden or seriously ill patients with licensed nurses. It also provides services to seniors and children.

Myremedy: This app based company schedules house visit doctors on the same day of booking. Telemedicine by specialized doctors are also offered so that with just an internet connection one can get the service of top doctors.

CircleMedical: This US-based company is similar to Myremedy. Here they let the patients choose the doctors. This app automatically scans the patient’s medical insurance in real time.

Friendhealth: This app gives 24×7 service with an interdisciplinary health care team.

Features of on-demand healthcare app:

Same day house visits: The doctors can arrive on the same day of booking because the sooner the better.

Scheduled telemedicine: In case if the scheduled doctor is out of station or a specialized doctor is needed then a video visit can be scheduled.

Choose your doctor: The patients can choose the doctor of his/her wish.

Insurance coverage: Almost all the services can be covered with insurance so patients need not worry about the bills.

Appointment summary: After the service, a detailed health report will be generated on the app.  

Social entrepreneurs who want to bring a change in the society can leverage the potential of the on-demand healthcare business. SpotnRides is ready to provide affordable service to those who expect to run non-profit healthcare business. We are keen to provide an app for something that benefits a lot of people. Unlike other on-demand businesses, this healthcare service can revolutionize the way healthcare works.

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