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Now we are on summer vacation and have many plans for holiday trips to escape from the city with the family. Most of the time these plans are failures due to traveling issues like last-minute booking, waiting for tickets, expensive cabs, and uncomfortable public transportations. Hereafter, there will be no more options to face the tragedy on holiday trips. Yes. Instant booking a ride with a single tap helps you to reduce the burden of travel plans.

On-demand riding services are popular nowadays with a lot of redefining strategies and many features. With the huge potential riders and boom in technology, shuttle transportation services are new grooming and attractive business in intercities. The growing business value prediction for the shuttle services app is around 19.8% in the next seven years. To withstand such a competitive market, your shuttle transportation services app surely gains a huge user base if done in a unique way.

The types of Shuttle Intercity Services App Based Business for you

Before development, you have a question on types of services and how we developed. Here is the solution.

Category of shuttle services

Airport shuttle service – Targeted people at the airport. This allows your airport riders to book a taxi through apps instantly to avoid the rental car lines.

Intercity shuttle service– Buses connecting the cities are associated with this service to provide clean and comfortable seats to your riders.

Private shuttle service– This allows your riders to book or rent a car either a few hours or a day based on their requirements.

If you own the above services, you can gain more revenue using on-demand mobile apps. Before digging into this business, you must know the factors contributing to your revenue.

Things you must know

Understanding the market scenario is the prominent step for any business and here some of the points that you must go through for new venture creation.

Strategy Analysis – A proper strategy analysis not only covers the competitor’s information, but it also covers the demand of service on region-wise and selection of best model that suits your shuttle service App.

Know Location – After selecting the best model, a place where the demand is high is the next stage for the development. In this, you are ready to provide more unique features and offers to attract people.

Fit Business Model – In shuttle services, there are two models such as you can either own or rent a vehicle. Hence, you must know the best fit model for growing revenue.
With that above, you can get a clear view of things you must follow to keep your app on up-to-date. Now, the time to know the features of shuttle intercity services to meet future business scenarios.

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Key Features of shuttle intercity services app

Real-time tracking of your shuttle: Allow your riders to track the shuttle bus on the app and plan accordingly.

Navigate to the nearest: Pickup point with the luggage is the important thing. This allows your riders to navigate the nearest pick-up point.

Safe Journey: SOS alerts and sharing of riding details assure the safe journey

Flexibility: Prior to reaching a pickup point shuttle services allow riders to cancel or reschedule to a new location at any time.

Affordable pay modes: Plenty of payments through cash, credit cards, digital wallet, etc.

SpotnRidesBook your shuttle

The versatile features of shuttle intercity transportation services make you step out of the city and enjoy the trip with the minimum fare according to location. Here, the steps followed to book your shuttle.

  • Open shuttle intercity services app and input the destination in another city
  • Know the home route and suggest the fastest route for the destination
  • Choose the bus based on time slots to cover the destination
  • Payment process through multi-domain payment models
  • That’s it! You made your first booking

Smooth ride on intercity routes

Communication regarding the exact pickup and dropping location between riders and the customers facing tremendous issues when implementing. A shuttle will provide the opt solution for it. Shuttle provides the following directions to assure the smooth ride on intercity regions

  • Drivers undergoing a third-party verification, route training, and behavioral training
    Tracking the passenger feedbacks periodically
  • Enabling the “inter-dest-check” feature to assure the reaching of passengers to the
  • Destination safely. If not, the team will send an SOS alert in emergency situations.

How SpotnRides assist to develop shuttle intercity services app

Till now, you are gaining the information regarding the market strategies, types and how the shuttle intercity service app development. Why are you waiting? Let’s do the development. We at SpotnRides cover all the above features and assist you to develop your own app for on-demand intercity services. The interfaces in SpotnRides to assist you to develop are mentioned below

Trip Riders App

It is available in both Android and iOS versions. Riders download the app from the playstore and enter the details regarding destination information, no. of passengers, pickup point and the seats. Now, the driver will get the request from the trip rider, route information for pickup location.

Driver App

The intercity bus drivers can easily join by registering themselves directly. They get immediate attention when the trip riders initiate requests in surrounding areas. Here, the selection of drivers based on time slots. Hence, the bus driver who knows the optimum route information is the highest priority. Preserving the real-time track record of drivers in this app helps them to gain promo code based appraisals.

Admin dashboard

The major heart of the intercity services app is the admin dashboard and this is used to monitor all the operations such as total bookings, ongoing trip details, feedback analysis, driver verification, commissions etc.

Closing up

The uniqueness of SpotnRides in the field of shuttle services is to find the optimal route by applying machine learning algorithms and schedule booking. The expensive taxis for intercity travel and the uncomfortable public transportation restrict your freedom to move on-time. With SpotnRides, you need not worry about these struggles. So, it’s time to start an Intercity shuttle business with SpotnRides products. Interesting people catch us on [email protected].

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