How to Steer your Sustainable Tourism Business and Win More Bookings with SpotnRides

World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” a famous proverb is there. Tourism and travelling expand the human’s knowledge in diverse cultures, natures, peoples, etc. recently the top two trends are involved in the travelling industry are ecotourism and sustainable tourism. This blog will give you the line differentiating these two trends and why the startups are needed to meet the needs of sustainable tourism. 

What is Sustainable Tourism Business?

Since tourism is highly dependent on nature, the heavy influence of climatic conditions locked up the tourism on specific spots. In eco and sustainable tourism, there is no possibility for the shutdown process. Seasonal tourism may help the growth of the tour bus business effectively. Nowadays, the booking of these kinds of tours is all done through digital channels and make travellers in a convenient state. 

Booking buses for the tours, locations for stay, payments all these are carried in a single tap of mobile applications recently. Sustainable tourism is an evolving trend in order to create environmental awareness among people. Hence, you have the idea to start the sustainable tourism business means this is the perfect time to launch your own sustainable tourism business with SpotnRides. Prior to digging it, some of the basic things you need to cover. 

Sustainable Tourism Vs Ecotourism

Ecotourism simply refers to travelling on the basis of eco-principles. The way of travelling that connects the different communities, exploration of local culture, providing the financial benefits to the local people without damaging the environment is broadly termed as eco-tourism. But, how many companies really live in this tourism is a million-dollar question. Research reports stated that around 70% of the companies are failing in meeting the goals of ecotourism. High-price fixing by the bus operating companies makes the customers think whether this travel is suitable for now or not. Apparently, eco-tourism is only for the rich people and also the commitment to the local peoples is an investigating one. Conversely, the big companies bring the travellers in, make them happy during the stay and take the profit back home. 

Alternatively, sustainable tourism is the different form of ecotourism that is about both living and growing are in accordance with the environment and the local cultures. With the advent of small scale operators, sustainable tourism efficiently replaces ecotourism and encourages the growth of the local transport economy. The bus operators took part in this tourism changes the business structure in the way of minimal impact on the environment. Rebuild the environment and educate the tourists with the locally available resources to make the tourists have the real eco-friendly experience. Recently, sustainable tourism is the promising side compared to ecotourism due to the participation of local initiatives. They not only made the tour eco-friendly but also they contributed highly on environment protection. 

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Impact of the online booking management system on sustainable tourism management software

As you know already, all tourism activities are made simple with the arrival of web portals and mobile applications. The targeted audience for sustainable tourism has the age ranges 18-35 and hence the provision of the optimal mobile experience is a must. Business reports stated that around 80% of bookings come from mobile bookings and hence the mobile-first approach is the succeeding way to start the business. Following are the major reasons why the online tourist booking management system is needed.

  • Third-Party Integration

To connect or attract the travelling agents and the bus owners, your startup must allow the integration of payment gateways, CRM systems, legacy systems, and the accounting systems. 

  • Fast Operation & Cost-Effective

A single platform is a major need in order to make the strong interconnections between the travellers, bus owners and the administrators and this also makes the operation as speed. Allowing a multilingual system into your startup helpful to make the feasible communication regarding the commission policies, net rates during the entire travelling period with the travellers.

  • Build own Package through In-App Conversation

Based on the real-time rates and the availability, the travellers created their own package with the sustainable tourism business startup owners. Then, they can share their package information with the tour operator, in turn, the operator raised the quotes based on the local issues and travel risks. Making in-phone conversation in your startup resolves the real-time issues in selecting the package. 

  • Assure strong back-end accounting module

This is the major heart of the sustainable tourism business. It depicts the control of entire working processes such as a number of new booking arrivals, booking or cancellation of tour operators, payments, revenue streams for the tour bus operators. In parallel, it is responsible for the validation of efficiency of the tour bus operators based on the travellers’ review and ratings. This review based analysis helps the bus operators to expand their branches and earn a profit based on familiarity.

With the drastic evolution of mobile devices and internet facilities, the mobile-app based interface is the major requirement to start your new tourism business. Since this is the local-centric business platform, providing feasible speedy services is the prominent solution for attaining long term growth in the travelling industry. In this section, you understand the necessity of the mobile app on the sustainable tourism business. The other side of this business is to win a number of bookings. How do you increase the number of bookings? Is there digital channels that support them or not. Answers for these questions are as follows.

Are digital channels drive more bookings?

The business owners and the tour bus operators are major key players for this sustainable tourism business. In the last session, you gained information on the owner’s side. Now, you should know on the tour operators side. The following three things to gain more bookings on sustainable tourism.

  • Identify travel influencers

Showcase your startup with the list of the benefits like the sponsored trips, seasonal information and branding through the social media influence many travellers and turn their attention towards your booking management. 

  • Escalate the Booking experience

Since the travellers have a wide knowledge of the areas, they need professionalism in the booking experiences. Digital channels are the only thing to convert your landing page into successful bookings. Providing real-time analytics such as tracking the bus operators, automated processing, the feasible conversation regarding the net rates helpful to increase the number of bookings surely. 

Upon conclusion, these two sections provided an in-depth view of what are the major requirements of sustainable tourism business owners and the tour operators. But, starting your own business with these requirements is easy. But, standing in an elite position on the market requires some more attentive things. SpotnRides offer it. 

How SpotnRides steer the performance of tour operators of sustainable tourism business

Well, you have the idea to launch the new startup in the sustainable tourism business. Wait for a while. Take a look of SpotnRides features to steer the performance of bus operators and then proceed. Finger friendly dashboard management, seamless booking experience are the two major needs for the travellers. Besides, SpotnRides provided the following features to win more bookings.

  • Smart Scheduling

Since the travellers are mostly on the research platform, they wish to travel to multiple places within the time-bound. The scheduling option in the SpotnRides solution helps the travellers in advance bookings and smart scheduling of their travel.

  • Digital Tracking

Digitally tracking the tour bus operators through the GPS-map services in SpotnRides helped in the reduction of unnecessary waiting time. Further, the tracking of the bus operator’s performance also added advantage. 

  • Authenticity

The travellers in this tourism are unaware of the local operators and the authenticity of the travellers is an important thing. The credential verification features in the bus operators panel done through the fast upload of license and the proof of identity that leads to enabling the trust on the bus operators.

  • Multi-Lingual & Multi Payment Support

As discussed in the earlier section, the feasible conversation between the operators and the travellers assured the built-up of their own package. Further, the travellers are outside of the regional and hence the provision of multi-currency modules in SpotnRides help them to pay the money in a stress-free manner. 

  • Strong Back End Support Through Admin

Monitoring of all the activities such as from the new booking to the payout of commission to the drivers is achieved by the admin. Control of diverse vehicles and their rates enabled the traveller to choose the type of vehicle according to their needs. The centralized fare and the commission management feature in the SpotnRides provided the strong back end support for the entire cash flow. 

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, mobile technology is not a trend and it is the way of life. Contradictory, creating environmental awareness among the people is also the major impact on environmental protection. Enabling your own startup in the sustainable tourism business brings the well-defined interface among the travellers and the tour bus owners. We, SpotnRides addressed the real-time issues faced by the tour bus operators in a smart way and boosted the number of bookings with the enhanced features. Start your own sustainable tourism business today itself. Drop your smart ideas into [email protected]

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