How to Start a Taxi Booking Business in Bahrain with SpotnRides

The Bahrain government has realized the need to make their country a hub for tech startups and established Bahrain Economic Board(BED) for it. Under BED, several relaxations are made to accommodate new startups locally and from outside the country. Foreign investment norms were relaxed in order to get more startups that can provide innovative solutions. The aim of BED is to create an ecosystem for startups so that aspiring entrepreneurs can also easily get onboard the system with ease.

Already several MNCs including the likes of Amazon and Google have entered Bahrain. Other new tech startups are working with government officials to quickly get the necessary licenses and approvals. 

If you are looking to venture into the on demand startup world, then it is the right opportunity to enter swiftly by starting one in Bahrain.

Why Bahrain for Your On-Demand Startup?

  • Easy to access AWS data centers by Amazon. For example, on-demand startups handle large data and to reduce costs AWS can help big time.
  • Instant funding from some of the top business groups and venture capitals provided the startup holds potential.
  • Many important places like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait are a few hours away and if one has to make networking this will help.
  • Coworking office space available at a reduced cost. You can work with some of the great minds of different startups.
  • One of the best regions in the Middle East to have high internet and mobile phone penetration.

These are solid reasons to enter the Bahrain startup market and if you choose the right business idea, then things are going to be very easy.

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What to start?

As to your question for which startup model is apt at present, I would suggest you to think about the on-demand model. The app-based services booking startups like Careem and Talabat are doing good in the Middle East countries mainly in Bahrain. Also, we have some good reasons for why this is a better option:

  • Most on-demand models are online marketplace types so there is no need to spend a very huge capital. Literally no assets are required. 
  • Semi-skilled and unskilled workers can get employment opportunities with less effort. 
  • The services which are offered in the app will see a spike in growth because of more visibility it gets online.
  • The services industry has a major share in the economy of Bahrain and an on-demand startup has a direct effect on it.

On-demand taxi booking services 

Already the Bahrain market is dominated by Careem taxi booking which is owned by Uber. Since it is a single-player market, one can easily catch the market provided you have a good app setup. Now we will see about Careem taxi in Bahrain.

Careem operates in 14 countries mainly in the Middle East region and was acquired by Uber in 2019. They provide more services other than taxi bookings to cover more users from all walks of life.

I strongly recommend you to launch your new taxi app by carving a new niche so that it is easy to acquire customers. Now let me tell you what are the services you can offer.

Taxi booking service

This is just like any other taxi service where you get on-board taxi drivers and connect them with riders using your app. The overall function is like Careem. 

Bus seat booking

Make a tie-up with any bus service in Bahrain so that people can book a seat for a flat fare anytime from your taxi app. Generally, the bus fares are lower than other transports, hence this would be a great service for someone in the lower walks of life. Features like tracking the bus route would be a boon for many.

Bike taxi

You will come across frustrating traffic in cities across the world and I don’t think Bahrain would be different. Only bikes can sail through the traffic with ease. Bike taxis too charge less fare and can reach the destination quickly. Bike taxi also service enables anyone with bikes to earn money by partnering with your app.

Providing these services in your new taxi startup sounds interesting but, where will you get a complete app solution that comprises all these? You can get it from SpotnRides.

SpotnRides taxi booking app like Careem

SpotnRides is a comprehensive taxi app solution which is future proof so that any future disruptions or technology change can be handled easily. Our pre-built app can be customized to add services like bike taxi booking and bus service apart from taxi booking.

Perks of associating with us for SpotnRides is you get an end-to-end service with an exhaustive after-sale service; we give technical advice so you need not be a pro; brainstorming is done to get ideas from you; our team is skilled to turn any ideas into reality. 

What you saw in Careem can be replicated into SpotnRides. Everything from performance, UI/UX, code quality, app framework will be top-notch. Connect us for more details.

Final words!

The taxi booking startup market is in its beginning stage right now in Bahrain, hence launching a taxi startup and capturing market share won’t take much time; the incentives for startups in Bahrain further adds to your comfort. So the stage is set and now you need a taxi app setup and I hope SpotnRides can give what you desire. 

Quickly send an mail to [email protected] to get more details from our business executives. Have a live demo with us to experience SpotnRides!

Get Free Demo of Taxi Booking App – WhatsApp | Skype

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