How to Make a Place for you in the Travel and Tourism Industry using our SpotnRides Taxi App?

Many countries which are dependent on unsustainable businesses like oil export, mining, etc are shifting their focus towards other long-term industries like tourism. This change is because of the inevitable industrial shift because of climate change. So the change has started now and to keep the economy moving forward, travel and tourism is the right way. Not to mention that the tourism industry is called a factory without a chimney.

Apart from airports, hotels, restaurants, the one field that acts as a pillar to the tourism industry is transportation. Travel and tourism are booming and the scope for on-demand taxi booking is more than ever before. With the purchasing power of people increasing in almost all countries, many prefer to allocate some for exploring new places. France, USA, Spain, Italy, and India are favourite spots. At present, 10% of global jobs are in the tourism industry. This figure is estimated to increase to 15% by 2024. And on-demand taxi will be a major contributor in this.

If you are planning to enter the on-demand taxi app market, then it is pragmatic to look for tourism booming regions for operation. 

Why a Good Taxi and Taxi App is Important in Tourism?

Tourists coming to a location via train or aeroplane tend to use affordable and safe taxi transportation to reach other locations. In a limited time, they have to cover many locations and so unnecessary time cannot be wasted in finding a taxi.

With a taxi app, unnecessary time wastage can be completely eliminated. This is possible only if there an efficient taxi booking app in place. You can also provide such app service using a perfect taxi app solution.

Factors that affect the selection of a taxi

  • Distance
  • Security
  • Benefits
  • Cost
  • Comfort

When building the taxi app for your startups, all the above said factors must be met without any compromise.

Things you should see in the taxi booking app

  • Traffic congestion will be a challenge in famous tourist destinations. Getting stuck in traffic delays everything. The optimum route finder feature in the customer and driver taxi app will enable to find the best possible routes. Taxi apps with Google API can accomplish this.
  • There is a feature called heat view to locate the place where the frequency of taxi booking is high
  • Geo-fencing is used to send push notifications on offers, deals, and discounts to taxi app users in a particular geographical location.
  • Safety and security of tourists are questioned because of isolated incidences of harassment in some places. The panic button, location sharing, etc are featured in the taxi app to ensure maximum safety to riders. 
  • Heat view features as said above can also be used to access demand and charge more fare during peak demand. This feature is called surge pricing.
  • Dedicated airport taxi and railway is another way you can monetise. Changes have to be made in the app to enable users to book a taxi even before coming out of the airport. 

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Where to get the taxi app solution that has all the said features?

Hands down, SpotnRides presents a completely customizable white labelled taxi booking app. If you are a traditional taxi app owner operating in a tourist location, then with our app you can transform into a brand new taxi app company.

People who want to start a taxi marketplace at minimal cost can also join hands with us. We can optimise the solution for you to partner with taxi drivers easily.

In our competent platform, you can use own brand name. Apart from a standalone taxi app, our team can develop a dedicated taxi booking app for airport services also. Our best in class taxi app is available on both iOS and Android app for all interfaces. Testing of the solution is done on different platforms in different smartphone devices with diverse specifications. 

Features in SpotnRides

Customer app:- 

  • Live tracking – Irrespective of the smartphone version, taxi arrival and the ride can be tracked live on the Google map with intuitive design and immersive interface.
  • Safety button – In case of emergency, the safety button is used for calling nearby stations with one click.
  • Feedback option – Nature of ride and driver behaviour can be reviewed and rated by the customer. This can be viewed by the admin.

Driver app:-

  • Heatmap access – Driver app has a specialised map to view places with the high frequency of taxi booking.
  • Real-time route-finding – High traffic routes can be avoided prior to the start of the ride.
  • Viewing money credited per ride – After each ride, the driver can view the exact amount of money credited after service charge is debited.

Admin web panel:-

  • Workforce management 
  • Company management
  • Report generation

Final say!

Interested in SpotnRides? Then without any thoughts connect us at [email protected]. We have to offer than what is said above. You will also be amazed by our after-sales assistance from our technical side. Reach us quick and get a free live demo.

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