How to Capture the Taxi Market in Singapore with SpotnRides Taxi App Solution?

In Singapore, the taxi market is expected to show an annual growth rate CAGR 2020-2023 of 8.0%, resulting in a market volume of US$1,678m by 2023. The user will use it 37.0% in 2020 and is expected to hit 42.7% by 2023. To capture the right place in the Singapore taxi market at first all entrepreneurs should perfectly build their taxi app. Building or developing a new app like the top tires is a tough and hard job. A person can develop an app accordingly

  1. By developing personally
  2. By hiring a developer (or) a team

Since it’s an on-demand mobile application it should be smooth from searching the cab to the payment. Though it is the on-demand industry there are on-growing competitors each and every corner. If you are launching your own app or by the developer, it will take a minimum of 4-5 months in the same way your app should be kept on up to the latest trends and software. So if you ask me I will be choosing a pre-build on-demand app. Because it’s better to choose the clone version of the top tires. Which has the exact same features and layouts with the flexibility where one can add/remove the features according to their needs? 

Uber is the only label that gives its presence in almost every city all over the world. Uber is a ride-hailing company that costs 2x more than traditional cabs but still, people prefer e-hailing. It also launches many different services to more countries. 

Why is Singapore the Right Place to Start your Taxi App Startup Now?

For more than 10 years, Singapore has ranked in the top 3 countries among 190 countries for its ease of doing business. Singaporeans are also welcoming the startups wholeheartedly. So it’s a good idea for the entrepreneurs to start their business in Singapore, but what business? Not every business has good growth. A person who thinks about starting his business in Singapore can go for the ride-hailing business. As I mentioned above, the statistics of the upcoming years. Singapore has good worth for the ride-hailing and many new taxi startups are trying to fit in the gap of the top taxi apps. You might also wonder when there are many taxi startups in Singapore, how yours will be the people’s first choice. Let me tell you the issues that are faced by the people in Singapore by taxi apps and how your taxi app is going to solve it. So it’s not too late to start your own taxi business all you need right now is a good team who can handle your work to launch your app like a pro.

Now in your mind, there will be many pop-up questions that might arise like cost, quality, etc. For all your questions SpotnRides is the only answer. Keep reading to get clear all of your doubts.

The issues faced by the Singaporeans while using the taxi mobile applications and how your taxi app solve it

25% of Singaporeans say that dynamic and surge pricing while 67% said drivers demanding ride cancellation is a big issue they are facing nowadays. The popular taxi app like Uber and Lyft drivers can’t see your destination until the ride but still, the problem arises. How do we SpotnRides overcome these issues?

The specialized features like trip and fare management in the admin panel of SpotnRides play a better interface among the riders and drivers. This resolves the burden of cancellation to the customer’s side by setting the time limit for cancellation. This makes the driver make the decision for the next ride and ensure the resources are not wasted.

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Why SpotnRides is the best option?

SpotnRides is one of the top leading companies in taxi app development. We handle your taxi app after numerous testing to fulfill your needs. SpotnRides have helped many young entrepreneurs across the seas who are all shining now with our taxi booking app script.

You might wonder what benefits for an Admin in a Taxi app?

  1. Stressless and automated business operations,
  2. Increase your driver productivity,
  3. Greater revenue and good profitability in a short period,
  4. Enhanced your customer experience by offering them your quick on-demand ride-hailing services.

We also deal with the strategies for boosting your taxi app. Keep reading to know more about it.

3 strategies for Boosting Your Taxi App User Growth by SpotnRides at the beginning of your launch

Since there are many taxi apps available in the respective store’s people use to change their view from one to another. If they are facing any issues so to keep them liking your service here are some of the strategies which are followed by us to improve your relationship with your users.

  1. On Field-testing before the launch – We SpotnRides will be Beta testing your apps before it is launched to get feedback from the users. We also do not test your app randomly. Our team will be choosing the right targeted audience to get good feedback which will also help us to make the changes accordingly. By doing this pr-launch test which also helps us to give the best UI/UX to attract your users.
  2. Working with several data analysts – Alike Uber our team also does the various data analysis before the launching which will give good decision making and which also helps you to track your customer’s predictions.
  3. Conducting competitor analysis – We will also do a competitor analysis where you can fill the gap in the competitor landscape so that by launching your service in a particular place will be a boom to your ride-hailing business. 

These are the few strategies we used to follow before launching your app by doing this it will give more weightage to your app among the users.

Final say

By now you might have the hope to launch your own ride-hailing app in Singapore. We SpotnRides are here to make your task simple by pre-build taxi app solution. If you have any doubts regarding your 0n-demand taxi app feel free to contact us by filling the below form.

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