How Integrating SpotnRides Fleet Management Software with GPS System Benefits For Your Business?

Large vehicle fleet whatever it maybe needs a fleet management software and it is not because everyone has it. But to run the business smoothly, get insights to improve business performance, maintain costs, and find ways to derive more profit. How these can be achieved is the main question to be answered. And our SpotnRides fleet management software has the answer for it.

A typical fleet management software comprises of a database system, telematics and GPS tracking. Such software is now more needed than ever before because of the advent of numerous taxi companies and freight trucks. 

Before diving deep into how SpotnRides software with GPS system benefits you, let me explain to you how SpotnRides optimizes fleet management. Are you looking for a fleet management software? Then, read this blog till the end.

Benefits Of Integrating SpotnRides Fleet Mangement Software with Gps System?

How SpotnRides Optimizing the Fleet Management

Our software stores details of the fleet operating company’s specifications, maintenance details, service and earlier histories, drivers and related documents including licenses and tax, fleet insurance, fuel transactions, operating expenses, scheduled maintenance, distance driven, area covered, and many more.

All these details are processes and the desired results is generated. Everything from top to bottom is automated and the software takes care of it. The fleet owner can set standards for each data and if any of them is violated, an alert is sent. For example, if a specific vehicle gets out of the permitted area, an alert is generated.

Performance reports are also generated to help owners to design future course of events.

The telematics system gives the company a never before seen real-time tracking of all the vehicles, making it more efficient and easier. It helps to determine precisely when vehicle and driver will get to their destination, and how the vehicles are driven and handled by the driver.

Multiple sensors can also be fitted to the fleet for more information and it is upto the owners to decide.

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How SpotnRides fleet management software benefits you?

Best customer service

The ultimate goal of any business is to meet the customer expectation. And fleet operating companies can achieve more in this area when SpotnRides is used. Apart from the company’s data, customer data and transactions can also be stored in the software. 

Any interactions can be made from the software itself. Some important data regarding the fleet can be shared to the customer. For example, vehicle tracking, consignment weight, time of delivery, etc can be sent to the customer.

Effective scheduling and dispatch can be done using the software which boosts the efficiency and thus good customer service.

More data

Data is a precious commodity in this digital world. The more data you have, the more benefits you can get. Earlier I said about the integration of sensors and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Any kind of data can be derived from the software.

Over-speeding, harsh driving, running red lights, traffic violations, toll fare, cornering, braking, etc can be monitored on a real-time basis. Using this the owner can solve problematic driving habits.  

SpotnRides have a unique Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports electronic system, to enable drivers to send status reports for their vehicle and repair updates without the need of manual work. This frees drivers from time-consuming processes and gives more time to focus on the most important aspect of their jobs.

Fuel management

Fuel cost consumes nearly 40% of the total cost of any fleet operating companies. And this cost is only going to increase. SpotnRides software cannot completely give a solution to do away with it but it can optimize the fuel spending. 

Optimized route with less traffic shorter distance is shown in the map. Such best possible routes can be shared with the drivers. Software enables to do better planning even before the ride and ensure fuel saving to maximum extent.

Saving costs

You get an aggregate view of all the data from the monitor so that you leave nothing. Unnecessary and vulnerables things that affect the efficiency is eliminated beforehand. Compliance of standard from both the driver and dispatcher side is ensured in real-time. 

Sophisticated financial tools are there to compute the proceedings then and there which ensures little room for cost overrun, financial accountability, etc.

These finally comes down to cost saving. Even the cost saved can be identified using our software. 

I hope you have a better understanding of what our Software can do to your fleet. Other factors that can be integrated to the SpotnRides software are ERP, HR, accounts payable, payroll, accident management, warranty recovery, engine performance, etc. 

Wrapping up!

Some latest trends beyond GPS tracking are available with SpotnRides. I ask you to have a talk with our business persons. Simply send a mail to [email protected]. We are looking forward to partner with you. 

What I explained above is just a glance. We have more to say about SpotnRides. We are currently working to apply Artificial Intelligence and SaaS in the software to make the fleet management more real. 

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