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Long-distance commute on a daily basis and office commute are tedious in the present city environment. Obviously, there are options like cab and riding own vehicles. The former option is not always pocket-friendly and on a daily basis, it seems impractical. The latter option demands physical strength to endure the traffic. So, both options are not entertained. Next suitable but yet to tap opportunity is the shuttle service.

Shuttle services typically mean shuttling between two places with stops in between. You can ask if this model is already there? But the model of premium shuttling service is yet to be tapped in the private sector.

It would be a good idea for you to launch a shuttling services startup to provide affordable transport to daily commuters. The ROI and the potential for earning big is huge in this startup model. 

I strongly recommend you to use the on-demand app-based model for this startup business. Already, Grab and Uber have stepped into this domain. The more quickly you enter, the more edge you get in the market.

What is the Need for the On-Demand Shuttle Service Startup?

Urban cities

It is obvious that most of the commercial establishments and important spots are in the outer area of the urban cities. Launching a shuttle transport to connect the heart of the city to the outer area will be very well received by riders. The cost of transport is generally high in urban cities and now the demand surge has added to the woes.

It is highly practical to step into the urban market using this market.


If you worry about the operational cost in the cities, then the rural segment might be the better option. The ridership in villages in very low and they look for a subsidized yet comfortable means of transport. So, have an eye in this market.

MNCs and commercial organizations

Business parks have a lot of commercial establishments and MNCs. Recurring rides are popular in such areas because of the round the clock business activity. Nowadays we can see business parks in almost all tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The per capita income of the people in their business establishments is good. Hence, on-demand shuttling service will be a hit.

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On-demand app solution for shuttle services and its working

If you think this shuttle transport is impressive and decided on the target segment for operation, then it is time to look into the app solution. The overall app solution is similar to that of the typical Uber taxi app.

We at SpotnRides have a readymade version of the shuttle transport solution for entrepreneurs like you. Let me now explain the interfaces it has. 

Passenger app

The passenger app is available on both iOS and Android. The rider just needs to download the app, register details, enter no. of passengers, ride destination, pick up point, and seats preferred.

The driver gets the request and sends the time of pick up and fare for the ride. The passenger can choose between a one-way ride or a round trip.

Our passenger app is customer-centric with more emphasis on user experience. A foolproof design ensures ease of usage without any hitches.

Driver app

The route is completely optimized and dynamic to allow a seamless ride for the driver. The driver gets notified about the stops and bookings at each stop. After every booking, he will get the details of payments.

The route for the ride is not fixed and can be changed frequently based on demand. The algorithm in the driver app ensures the route where maximum persons have a common destination.

Admin dashboard

The admin dashboard is a central console that is used to monitor all functions of the operations. Fleet management, driver working status, total rides, total bookings, demand fluctuations, the status of ongoing rides, etc are displayed in real-time in the admin dashboard.

The admin also manages the load factor i.e. maximum occupancy per ride to improve mobility. All feedback from the driver and passengers after each ride is shown in a separate panel on the dashboard.  

Admin dashboard can also run analytics to get valuable data regarding startup. Finance tools are also present which is easy to use.

Niche features in this shuttle transport app

Advanced booking system

Routine commuters can use the scheduled booking option to reserve seats in advance. This feature is synced with the calendar and reminds before the ride.

Recurring orders are also possible wherein the rider specifies the start and end date during which the booking is made automatically. Daily commuters in the same route like this feature very much.

Sustainable mobility

Long term sustainability and smooth commute without any hassle is the USP of this shuttle service. To ensure that, the software get data of the riders, traffic, driving time, and average distance to build algorithm; this algorithm further optimizes the function to ensure sustainable mobility.

Customizing the service   

Sometimes this problem arises in shuttle transport wherein the driver needs to delay starting the ride or offer a new ride later. The machine learning algorithm rightly weighs all the factors and gives optimum results to the driver.

Final say!

If you are convinced about this idea and also our SpotnRides app solution, then send a mail to [email protected]. You get more details and explanation about our software product from our executives. 

The shuttle services at present need a much-needed infusion of innovation and I hope the on-demand model can achieve it. It will be more valuable if you launch the startup with us!

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