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In 2020, The on-demand taxi apps have transformed transportation services in the way riders book their rides and place their destination from one place to another. Just with a few simple taps on their smartphones, your ride is at the doorstep that will take you from your location to your destination at a considerable price and assure you the safety at all times. 

The taxi app plays a famed role among other on-demand industries by giving a unique ride experience to their end-users. This also bought a new feature (Ridesharing) in the e-hailing app industries. With the help of this feature, the rides total cost is easily estimated as a less value while they are sharing their rides with others.  

The taxi app has become an extremely useful solution for the day to day rides without any delay on their ride. This made the attraction among young entrepreneurs to launch their own ride-hailing app in their region. As I mentioned, the taxi app reduces our waiting time and easy mode of transport. But, it is not easy to build an app like top tires.

Building an app from scratch is not a simple and short task to be done within a few days. It takes more time and cost. This, in turn, leads the entrepreneurs to choose the popular clone app among the top tires. Here, in this blog, you get to know about the Lecab clone app and its benefits.

How to Launch a Professional Taxi App Business with SpotnRides LeCab Clone Script App Solution?

Lecab is one of the popular taxi applications in France, it is a simple taxi service providing company. That provides a taxi booking service as well as a private car service too. This business came into the market and became famed within a short period of time. The Lecab taxi service makes the local people of France tension free from taxi problems. 

This shows the worthiness of the Lecab, what if you get one such solution for your taxi booking business. If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs thriving to achieve big in the taxi industry, then I suggest you go with a ready-made clone script to quickly start your taxi business in your region like a pro. The unique attributes of Lecab are listed below

  • Easy booking and cabs are available at a fixed price,
  • Ensures that the riders can avail of rides anytime and anywhere,
  • Lecab also provides cost-effective rides to users by allowing them to choose the ride from different types like shared transport, transport vans, etc.

With the help of the Lecab clone script, you can easily get into the on-demand taxi industries and earn more dollars. Okay, before choosing the Lecab clone script you should know about its benefits and why you should choose the Lecab clone for your taxi business. Here, let me tell you the benefits of the Lecab clone script.

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Benefits of the Lecab taxi app clone

Lecab has built with the perfect flow algorithm that allows you to get the ride in less than a minute and with the pre-estimation fixed price allows the people to choose Lecab service than other cab rides. The response of the riders on-time of LeCab is very quick. Lecab is a top-quality cab service among the top tires.

Many have doubted that in the Lecab clone the users are allowed to register your family members’ profile from one single account on any of the taxi service apps? Yes, through the LeCab clone script, you can register your multiple profiles from one single account and that is actually a great thing.

Here, let me tell you why Lecab service is most user-friendly among the people. If any problem occurs while booking a ride through the ride, LeCab also has a dedicated phone line for booking their ride. This is one of the best features that has brought Lecab as the best taxi app in France.

Lecab business model

In Lecab, the fleet of the vehicle is standardised. Always the riders are picked up by the same model of vehicle. The riders can enjoy their rides by hearing music with the ipad default available in every ride. If not, the riders can also track their location in real-time easily with the tracking feature.

Booking the Lecab cab has become very easy because the riders can book their riding service through the mobile application or through call. Though the estimated cost of the rides are always estimated before, there is no change of it at the end of the ride. A unique thing in Lecab taxi service is they appoint and train their drives.

LeCab offers a chauffeur-driven passenger vehicle service it means “a person employed to drive a hired car”. As i mentioned, they all are professional drivers who all are well trained. Here, let me explain the main three services of the Lecab as listed below

  • Airport – Lecab provides a smooth service for their rides from anywhere in the paris to the airport with a fixed amount. This has become one of the boons for the riders of the Lecab. More than a fixed price the driver will be waiting for 20 minutes on arrival and there will be a notification message on the driver arrival to pickup. So that there is no need to panic on the last minute.
  • Station – Lecab provides a station service to all their riders with a route optimization for the quick reach to the station on time. The riders can book their ride service by choosing the station and the meeting point. More than this the driver will also be available at the station to pick you by your name tag so that the rider can easily find their service and the driver will carry the rider’s luggage.

In SpotnRides you get the exact same business model without any changes in the quality of the Lecab service. With our software, you can run taxi service easily in your region and attract potential customers with the key-features in your taxi application.

Why you should choose SpotnRides Lecab clone?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur thriving to start your own E-hailing app to kick start your taxi business in your region like a pro. Then, you’re in the right place. Here, we SpotnRides, make this possible by delivering you with the best taxi app with the Lecab clone. You will be benefited in many ways by using our well-developed Lecab taxi clone application.

And I’m 100% sure that there won’t be any compensation for the quality of your taxi application in our development. Your customers will get the best service with your application. You can easily meet their expectations and with the targeted customers, you can gain high revenue from the first ride booking. 

Since we have pre-developed your application it won’t take more time to remodel it according to your needs. Our application is more flexible so the features can be added and removed easily. Here, let me tell you how a Lecab clone script app will be beneficial to your taxi business and features that are in your e-hailing taxi business application.

Features that make you grow a Revolutionary Taxi Business

In your application, the customer app consists of a verification process to check customer verification either by their Email or SMS. Here, are the key features that make your taxi application to gain high revenue are listed below

  • Schedule booking – In your taxi application, your rides can pre-schedule their application using this feature. A user can ride instantly or book a cab for later. This will allow them to make their plan productive and reduce the delay on their special day. 
  • Review and rating – This is one of the important features that help the riders to choose the correct drivers. Your customers can provide ratings to drivers & write reviews. While booking the cab they will be shown the drivers with their ratings and reviews.ta
  • Different payment methods – Though we can’t assure you that all your customers are from your region. With this multi-payment option, they can choose the right payment option that suits them from the listed.
  • Accurate estimations – Before booking the ride the rider can easily estimate the cost of the ride and if they are willing to proceed they can accept the ride. This will be very accurate on your application there won’t be any changes once the rider accepts it.
  • In-built customer support chats – This feature will help to grow the relationship between your service and the riders. Your customers can chat with support agents for any query or issue. This shows that you’re giving them the right support for 24*7.
  • Panic button – By considering your customer safety SOS button to inform your family & friends while you are in danger or sense it. This feature helps the rider to choose your service first and make sure that they are safe always.

The above mentioned are some of the features that are available with us. Still, there are a lot more features available with us that make your application more unique among the market.

Final say

By now you might get to know about the Lecab clone script. To start your taxi business quickly the best idea is to buy a ready-made taxi app like LeCab clone. In SpotnRides we have developed in such a way to mark the overall success of your business and to capture the attention of the riders from Day 1.

So, if you’re interested in starting your own taxi business then adopt the Lecab clone script today. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form with your details and we will reach you soon.

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