Getting Skillful Party Organizers On Doorstep: Proven Ways Of SpotnRides Party Planner App Solution Make You Rockstar In Party Planners Business

Togetherness, double up happiness, sharing the food all happened at a party. Attending the party or events makes the people live a balanced life and bring them from the workflow stress. Conducting the party in a special venue also leads the person to know the unfamiliar venue and visit that place with the family members.

Though the party gives extreme pleasures to the party attendees, the organizer suffers from the various issues like organizing all attendees on the party venue in prescribed time schedules, gathering the necessary things and reminding the attendees to participate on the prescribed date, scheduling of multiple parties on a single day, etc.

Carrying all such activities by the single human is an uncertain one and hence they are looking for a suitable digital handy partner for starting a party planning business. Is it really a need for this business in the market?. Yes, The clients for these businesses are corporate parties, family functions, etc.

Generally, events like meetings, conferences, retirement parties, trade exhibitions fall into the category of events. With the help of a suitable app for the event planner business, the demand for an online event planner startup is huge in the industry side. Hence, every entrepreneur starts searching for solution providers in the app development market.

Looking into the statistical reports, the necessity of the party planner business is easily understood.

  • In 2020, the amount to be spent in event planning business is above $5 billion by 71% of the professionals
  • In the same year, 56% of the party organizers planned to conduct more than 16 events.

From these, you can understand that this is the right time for starting the party planning business with the right party organizer app solution. No searching worries. SpotnRides is a solution provider for all such on demand things. 

Having enough experience in the taxi-hailing industries, it captured the needs of the customers from all streams. Holding that knowledge, now it is planned to engage you to enter into the party planning business market by providing a handy solution namely SpotnRides party planner app solution. 

This blog brings you the background features that support your success. Prior to looking at it, the insights of the party planning business and the potential pitfalls to be addressed by the application development are to be known.

Digital Collaborative Framework Of Party Organizers And Party Goers Using Party Planner App Solution:

Due to the plenty of work schedules, people do not have the time to plan the events or parties for their home function itself. This concept makes the professionals start to launch this attractive business idea. To start anything, the detailed analysis of the scope of the business on the market exists or not is the first thing.

  • The need for formal parties is huge

With the consistent growth of tiny to huge organizations year by year, meetings or events are unavoidable. After the successful task completion, sharing happiness with the colleague is done by conducting the parties.

This is not an end. Still continues on trade exhibitions, making international contracts, togetherness on the weekend, etc.  Celebrating all such events by the parties is an unavoidable thing and hence the need for the collaborative platform is huge to conduct smoothly.

  • Building Relationships

Is it possible to know the nook and corner of a colleague while office hours?. Definitely not. But, participating in the corporate peoples assures all the employees get together in the same place. Performing the intercommunication among all of them is possible.

Collecting the needed items from the shopping centers and augmenting all the employees by the transport are the backbones for building the new relationships among them and this has a direct reflection on the productivity of the organization.

  • Bringing Stories to Common

Food and the items to prepare the food in place of the parties is the needed one. Suppose every party goer wishes to prepare the food for party means, then the lag in the communication among the other party-goers avoids any repetition in buying things.

The built of the centralized platform makes the party planners and the party-goers are directly communicated regarding the location, time and the needed things to bring easily.

  • Accessing Party Goer Contacts

Inviting guests is the major requirement for the party planners and this enables accessing the contacts. The person for the origin of the event hosts what type of event and specify the friends who are all attending that function.

The build of a digital collaborative framework enables the party planners to access the personal information of all the attendees and make them attend the function. Availing this permission is also a beneficial thing for the party planners to expand the revenue streams or new business opportunities easily.

Upon the above metrics, you are very clear about the scope of the party planning business. The business model can also be extended to family events in the same way as above. Ok. Now, you are in need to understand the potential pitfalls of the business and how to overcome it by adopting the customized solution.

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Potential Pitfalls for Party Planners & Rectification Tactics from Customized Solutions

Party planning gives immense frustration to the planners on various aspects. Identifying the solution is an important thing prior to application development. This section highlights the potential pitfalls and associated solutions.

  • Lack of Optimal Staffing Levels

Doing parties in a traditional way suffers from the issues in preparing the invitations, searching the location of the event venue and organizing the party-goers under one roof, starting the party in on-time, maintaining all the activities by respectable staff.

Replacing these with the digital solution means handling all these activities is a smooth way. Opting the right customized solution allows the party planners to segregate the activities by the application itself. Tracking the location of the party attendees and aggregating them into the commonplace by the communication tools are possible solutions for this issue.

  • More Spending Resources

Focus on the budget is the second thing for the party planners. People always prefer the moderate budget plans to conduct the party and this needs a specialized comparison. The comparative analysis based on the ledger or paper-based operations is time-consuming tasks.

To sort out this issue, the rapid customized solution holds the party price information on the dashboard itself. Besides, the list of party planners associated with the service price information makes the party creator do the comparative analysis and select the feasible planner without any much effort.

  • Lag of Network Activities

Lag of keeping the right or stable link for the party planners and the attendees delaying the party time and frustrating the other attendees. In the same way, the lag among the attendees and the party creators is also a sticky point and this brings the event fully unstructured.

To retaliate this issue, the customized solution emerged with a unique feature for stable link creation. Focusing on the high-communicative support and the smart route-finding technologies, the delaying of parties are changed and makes the party as a structured one.

  • Unaware of Real-World Analytics

The growth of social media platforms is in an appreciable form. To get enough familiarity hosting the event or party through social media is necessary. Traditional party planning is limited in this feature and it is only feasible for localized peoples.

Allowing integration of social media accounts of the attendees with the high-security measures brings the global partners at your places and this expands the business opportunities in a wide range of dimensions.

On finding the solution of the potential pitfalls, the customized solution plays a digital partner role to the party planners and allows them to do the tasks in a stress-free way. On the basis of this concept, SpotnRides develops the party planner application and this will make your business into the next level.

How SpotnRides Party Planner App Solution Acts as a Collaborative Digital Platform

Since the base of the party, planning is the collaborative framework, interfaces like Party creator/Party attendees, party planner, and the admin from the SpotnRides solution have their own features and are perfectly synchronized. The workflow comprises as follows:

  • Initially, the party creator hosts the event name, date, time, imports the contact list of the attendees and the things needed on their dashboard itself.
  • The party planner having experience on the basis of the event gets a notification. Then, they directly visit the shops and the desired location of the attendees. 
  • Gathering all the things, the party planners reached the destination on the specified date and time by the proper communication tools.
  • As an owner of this business, the application allows you to track the budget, manage the number of guests attended and the party planning orders, commission, etc by sitting in the home itself. 

The solution can act as the perfect collaborative platform in the following ways.

  • Customized Attendee Schedules

The feasible option in SpotnRides solution called customization scheduling and this allows the party attendee to create their own plan and schedules. With the inclusion of feed options, they are easily aware of what are the parties or events going to be attended for this week easily. Hence, the planning of attending a party is easy. 

  • Smart Location Finding

SpotnRides solution includes the GPS map feature that allows the party planners to directly identify the attendee location and pickup them to the party place with a minimum traveling period. Hence, the delay in the party is avoided. Besides, the inclusion of the map and direction feature allows the party planner to easily identify the shops nearby and gather the required things without any flaws.

  • Social Relationship Builder

Always the party organizers and the attendees seek the new connections for business expansion. Hosting the party or events on social media with the integrated option in SpotnRides attracts the global business professionals and makes them participate directly. In case, they directly contact the party creator by interacting through social media and participate without any disturbance.

Structuring Party and Creating Unforgettable Moments to Party Goers by SpotnRides Solution

In addition to the collaborative supporting features, SpotnRides also holds good the following options to structure the party and provide attendees an unforgettable experience.

  • Notify on Parties

Reminders on the party dates are the necessary thing. The SpotnRides party planner app solution holds the notification option and by using this, alerting the party attendees is easy. In a similar way, this tab is also useful for sending the information to any rewards for potential customers.

  • Scaling Party Planners

The scalability nature of the SpotnRides app solution allows you to add or remove the party planner based on the number of party orders received. This feature enables you to minimize the spending cost on employment resources.

  • Productive Planning

By using the option called a schedule, the party planners gather the necessary things from the shops and pick up all the attendees easily. Utilizing the optimal routing nature, the trips covered by each day or week based on scheduling are scrutinized. Hence, the number of trips is easily increased.

Final Thoughts

Engaging your customers always in a party provides great benefits to you. Looking at the background of the party industry, collaborating frameworks by the advances in communication and the real-time data analytics platform are necessary things.

The SpotnRides party planner app solution holding the advanced chat options that sort out all the issues in the party planning business effectively. Share your party planning ideas in [email protected] and start your own party planning business now itself.

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