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Last-mile courier delivery is the latest sector to be disrupted by the on-demand model. Courier transport and delivery has always been capital intensive and requires a good amount of management to survive in the market.

Till now 95% of the courier delivery firms are traditional firms and are suffering from inefficiency. The inefficiencies are in delivery, fleet management, and transport. But now, the time has come for traditional courier delivery firms to turn towards the on-demand courier delivery, management, and dispatch system. 

The present courier management system is decentralized with little to no manual intervention. So there is no room for error. Very few software development firms provide a well-built courier management system. SpotnRides is one such provider of on-demand courier delivery app solutions. 

Why SpotnRides Courier Management Software is Apt for You?

SpotnRides courier software is used for a multi-franchise last-mile delivery system. Micro and macro level dispatch of parcels is made easy with SpotnRides solution. It basically contains mobile and web app interfaces separately for the customer, receiver, dispatcher, and admin. 

Who can use this software?

  • Single courier franchise
  • Multi city courier service
  • Intra country courier service
  • E-commerce services

Based on the type of courier business, we can add more and more functionality to the app solution interfaces.

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Functionalities in SpotnRides

  1. Transparent billing: The billing management sorts all modes of payment including cash on delivery and shows detailed reports in the admin panel.
  2. Bulk shipment: All paperwork regarding bulk shipment can now be done online by the dispatcher. The receiver and sender will be able to see the specifications of the orders in the mobile app.
  3. Refund management: In case of any mishap during delivery, the customer has the option to claim refunds and the admin dashboard has the provision to manage refund requests.
  4. Pick up from the door: The sender gets instant updates from the time delivery request is accepted until it reaches the receiver. For example, the sender will get a notification when the delivery person reaches the doorstep for pick up.
  5. Talk to courier delivery person: Both the sender and receiver can receive a call from the app to the delivery person.
  6. Work history: Both the customer and delivery person have access to past bookings and orders. All details associated with it are visible in it.
  7. Easy sign-up for delivery persons:  Like other on-demand models, anyone can sign up as a delivery person and this registration process is foolproof. Document verification and other proceedings are quick between the admin.
  8. Consignment module: All the details regarding the order like point of dispatch, destination, consignment id, and route details are updated in real-time in the admin panel. The admin can send these details anytime to the delivery person.  

Benefits of using SpotnRides courier management system

High accuracy

Our solution uses the latest advances to make the logistics and supply chain of the courier system efficient. Traditional courier firms struggle with human errors. But our software eliminates human errors.  You will see a jump in the overall efficiency of the day to day process after using our solution.

Data analytics tools in the admin panel can compute large data and present valuable info to make informed decisions. 

Best in the market customer fulfillment

A quality courier delivery service is about providing quick delivery, immediate response to customer grievances, and transparency in transactions. All these are upheld while using our on-demand courier system.

Customers can view all the proceedings and invoice details with just a touch in their smartphone app.

Major slump in transportation cost

Deliver person have optimized route suggested in their smartphone app. This directly reduces the fuel cost and time. Adding to it, they can attend to more delivery requests. This increases their average earnings per day.

Better compliance between admin, dispatcher and delivery person

In the traditional system, third party delivery person was not possible, but this is not the case with the on-demand model.

Apart from it, a lack of coordination between the admin, dispatcher, and delivery person was a norm. Lack of coordination gives rise to an increase in operating cost and time delay. This frustrates the user. With our digitally powered SpotnRides software, everything is swift with little to no delay in communication.

Final say!

Clearly, the benefits of using a decentralized courier management system is far better than the centralized conventional model. The functionalities in SpotnRides explained above is a testimony to it. More than 20 features are present in each of the interfaces in our courier management tool.

Establishing coordination between the stakeholders itself solves half of the problem and SpotnRides does it effortlessly. You need not be a technical pro to use SpotnRides. The same team which developed this courier management system will assist you till the end.

Feel free to talk to us and for queries about SpotnRides, tap a mail to [email protected]. We are happy to serve you anytime.

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