Explore the Startup Opportunities in the Tourism and Construction Industries in Ethiopia Using SpotnRides On Demand App Solution

Ethiopia in the African continent is becoming a business hub of all sorts; different industries like agriculture, construction, tourism, transport, etc in Ethiopia are transforming to the next level with the rise of technology and the internet; businesses that seriously required innovation are being aided by cheap cloud computing and digital advances. New age ideas that created waves in the US and Europe are slowly entering the Ethiopian market; chances are bright that they too will be well received by the African environment.

Connectivity was a serious issue that hampered the growth of the overall Ethiopian economy. This is now a problem of yesterday. 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner, then you better take a look at the tech startup models across the globe. Now we will see about the present startup scenario in Ethiopia.

What is the Scope for On Demand Startup in Construction and Tourism Industries in Ethiopia?

Startup market in Ethiopia

The African continent’s seventh-largest economy with 100 million population is poised to become the largest startup hub of Africa. Already some tech startups are doing well despite global competitors. 

Angel investors and venture capitalists(VC) have grown to a great number in Ethiopia and are on the lookout to fund exciting and people-oriented startups. Two main critical issues for launching a startup: funding and connectivity is no longer present. 

Below I have explained the potential for startup ideas in two major industries in the Ethiopia market. I made good research to find the area which can do the much-needed disruption in the market.

Construction sector in Ethiopia and ideas for a tech startup 

The construction segment in Ethiopia employs more than 2 million people with a GDP contribution of 9.5%. Not to mention that many of the workers are from low-income families. Hence, this segment is the lifeline for many families. 

The year-on-year growth of the construction sector is 12% and foreign direct investment is pouring fast because of the demand for affordable, quality housing and commercial space.

On-demand construction

Problems in the construction sector are many and prominent of all is to find workers, skilled professionals like architects, and getting equipment on time. I think the on-demand uber-like model can solve this. Uber app-based taxi booking model can be universally used for many services; this is the logic behind using the Uber model.

Mobile apps can be used to connect service providers with customers in a matter of time. You can launch this startup as a platform for service providers to list their service; customers just search for the appropriate service and connect with them; for every booking, you can charge some commission.

The on-demand model consists of three interfaces each for the customer, service provider, and admin. A smartphone app is present for the customer and service provider.

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Working of the on-demand construction app

  1. The customer(construction firm/individual) registers all the details in the customer app along with the need as a description.
  2. Search results are displayed based on the description and location entered. The user now finds and sends a request to the service provider.
  3. The service provider in his mobile app gets a request which can be accepted or rejected based on the situation.
  4. After the request is accepted, the user gets the location of the service provider until he reaches the location.
  5. After service is over, an invoice is generated for both the users. 

Architects, laborers, professionals, civil consultants, and equipment lenders shall register in this app to get maximum visibility. Apart from tech entrepreneurs, construction firms and enterprises can operate this on-demand construction business.

Tourism in Ethiopia and digitalizing tourism

The government of Ethiopia is using the tourism sector to eradicate poverty. This 6% GDP contributor uplifts millions of people from the clutches of socioeconomic disadvantages. 

Ethiopia is home to scenic places, hill stations, museums, monuments, cultural heritage centers. The tourism sector in this place mainly fuels tourist guides, hotels, and room rentals. People from all over the world who enter Ethiopia are the target users of the tourist services.

Here too you can apply the on-demand Uber model to access the services. Tourist guides and hotels shall list their services online so that users can access it efficiently.

Working on the On-demand tourism app is not very different from the on demand construction app.

Who can operate the on-demand Uber for the tourist app?

Room rental booking app

An online marketplace can be created just to access the hotel service, room rentals, and cottages. Examples of such services are many across the globe. Space listing apps like Airbnb and OYO are market leaders in this segment.

There is no big capital investment in this startup model since it is a marketplace you just have to create the app solution and market it.

Tourist guide app

In the same way, you can launch a standalone tourist guide booking app. Multiple payment options and languages must be present so as to cover more tourists. The incoming tourists shall pick the right guide based on location, language, etc.

Both the above ideas are impressive and won’t take much time to launch. To make your work easy, I recommend you to use the on-demand app solutions available readily in the market with the option for 100% customization.

SpotnRides On-demand Tourism Booking App

You need not search elsewhere for a 100% customizable app solution for your construction and tourism startup when you have SpotnRides. SpotnRides is one of a kind solution that was built using the bottom-up approach. 

As of now, SpotnRides solution is being used by many startups in the Middle East, the US, and Africa. If you are interested in SpotnRides and want to know more about it, feel free to mail us to [email protected]. We are looking forward to working with you.

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