Streamline Mobile Workforce on Community Delivery Business: How SpotnRides Delivery Driver Management App Solution Assist for Productive Travel Time

Mobile phones, handy devices play a major role in business activities nowadays. Handling incoming delivery requests from clients with the coupling of reliable transportation services is an easy task. The services are diverse in nature, fast foods, medications; groceries, etc are grouped into a single term called community delivery services.

Drivers for this community delivery business are grouped into two categories such as sub-contracted drivers having their own automobiles, partnered with the transportation service providers. In both cases, the revenue of the entire business model is split up and it supports the local community growth effectively.

Employing the suitable delivery driver management app solution, the digital link among the central dispatcher, driver, and customers are made strong enough. Reliability, on-time, and productive travel are the major factors that decide the success of the community delivery business.

Upon the emergency conditions, like lockdown, the shelter of stores, etc, community delivery service startups have the numerous attention from the entrepreneurs and they are willing to participate in the competitive business race with the suitable delivery scheduling app for small business.

Utilizing the suitable tracking option in the delivery management app, the status of the service is validated as per the customer intentions. In this way, the delivery driver management app development gets stimulated and this strengthens the mobile workforce for the community delivery business.

SpotnRides, a well-known ride-hailing service app solution extends its function into such community delivery businesses by the feasible delivery driver management options. The dedicated features available in the SpotnRides delivery driver management app solution offer the convenience experience to the users and increases the efficiency of the community delivery business.

  Prior to development, some of the delivery service things like the need for outsourcing, delivery drivers’ engagement on community delivery services to be analyzed.

How SpotnRides Delivery Driver Management App Serves Community Delivery Business?

Need for Outsourcing to Private Contractors for Community Delivery Business

Delivery when the need is the formula for the success of the business and is also used to enhance the business performance. Though the numerous dispatchers are available in the market, the connection between them with the customer is absent and this enables the raising up of intermediate private contractors for the community delivery business. 

Private contractors have the ability to easily make the interconnection with the lower end users and deliver the services at an affordable cost. There are two obstacles observed in above approach such as

  • The gain of the business is easily owned by a single contractor rather than people if there is no competition.
  • Reforms on the delivery side are needed to assure the quality of delivery services.

  To resolve such issues, making competitive bidding among the players involved in the community delivery business is the necessary one.

  •  Competitive bidding 

Here, bids are specified as the commissions that are distributed among the delivery service provider, drivers from the payments of the users. For household users, the bid includes the cost of transportation and the charges assigned by the central dispatcher. For service providers, this usually helps to gain a loyal relationship with the customers, exploring the possibilities of expansion across the regions.

  One of the important things in the expansion is advertising through social media in order to gain diverse deals with the pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, dry cleaners, and other retailers.

  •  Minimize Operation Cost

  This is the most important aspect when the global economy is getting down. Consciousness about managing expenses and bringing the revenue graph up is observed in business owners. During that period, community delivery services play an effective role and it saves considerable operational cost.

Offering digital solutions and automating the digital tasks through single-handed control are acted as a better replacement for manpower, electricity bill and store expenses.

  •  Retention of potential buyers 

During the lockdown session, the retention of potential customers and expanding the customer base is a critical thing for shop owners. At that time, they may do a partnership with the contractors for the consistency operation.

  Accessing the customers through the community delivery service providers and satisfying the needs of the customer by the delivery driver is the background of customer retention.

  How to get the solution for all such issues? Adopting suitable mobile applications is the right choice for you to make your service reach your customer’s hands.

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Engaging Delivery Drivers on Community Delivery Services

  During emergency situations, delivery drivers are the important players and they are regarded as helping hands when everyone has limited access to the local vendors. If you own a community delivery business, you have to be careful in deciding the driver’s employment or request for the sub-contract. This section can give you clarification.

  •  Delivery Drivers Vs Subcontractors

  Delivery drivers having their own vehicle make a partnership with you for daily or weekly or monthly earnings. The payment has to be made after the delivery instantly through payment gateways or the digital wallets from the customer side.

  Hence, you are the mediator and you have to transfer the commission directly on a daily basis to the driver’s account directly. Many of the gig players available locally have the tendency to utilize this type of opportunity.

  In the next stage, making sub-contracts leads to limited access. To comply with all the obligations listed in the prior agreement, sub-contractors should cover the trips and the payments can be made every month.

In the above two cases, you are facing difficulties in profile management. Adding or relieving the gig player if the service is not good as per the customer review, payroll management activities while subcontracting practices require the one-touch digital solution. 

One such solution is available in the market namely SpotnRides delivery driver management that inherits the feasible options to enhance the performance of the community delivery service.

How SpotnRides Delivery Drive Management App Empowers Mobile Workforce for Community Delivery Services

Streamline the mobile workforce is an important thing for the community delivery business and SpotnRides acts as the better interface between the delivery drivers and customers with the following interfaces: customer app, delivery service provider and delivery driver.

  The workflow comprises as follows: the user initiates the request for service needed either by following food, grocery, healthcare, laundry, etc. After getting requests, the delivery driver searches the nearby central dispatcher and processes the entire orders from the customer and delivers to the customer doorsteps either by same day concept or one day after.

  As you know already in the previous session, timely delivery is the major one since the peoples having unavailability of these services during extremity situations. To make the timely delivery possible, SpotnRides inherits the following options.

  •  Route Optimization

  The most feature observed in the SpotnRides delivery driver management is to select the optimal route as per the delivery requirement. With the tracking option, delivery drivers are easily analyzed and what are the deliveries available on the same route.

  By this way of analysis, drivers cover such areas on a single journey and satisfy the customer needs with affordable travel. Besides, the employment of a GPS tracking option helps the driver to find the short route easily and filter the rest. Traveling along the shortest route reduces the transport cost and limits the late delivery practices.

  •  Automated Invoice

By the end of each trip, the billing history based on the number of trips covered on each day is directly shown in the mobile app itself. Thereby, delivery drivers or subcontractors have the transparency in price-fixing and this also helps in making competitive bidding during emergency conditions.

  •  Availability Management 

People have the tendency to buy goods or foods in their favorite places. When coming into an emergency situation, the specific store may be sheltered off. During that time, the driver has the option to show the availability of needs ordered or the stores that alerts the customer to take the alternate decision immediately.

How SpotnRides Delivery Drive Management App Dealing Extremity Situations for Community Delivery Services

Besides the features described in the previous section, the SpotnRides delivery driver management app also has the following features to handle emergency situations and productive travel time.

  •  Alert on Updates

People’s expectations are variable ones and situations too. To cope up with such a scenario, the SpotnRides delivery driver management app inherits the option SOS where the customers alert the drivers for changes in order. Then, the changes in the orders are easily communicated through SMS easily.

  •  Auto-scaling drivers based on orders

Due to the customizable nature of the SpotnRides solution, you can easily add or remove the drivers based on the location or by the review/ratings. This assures the earning of high trust based on quality delivery and attracts new customers. Successful delivery at the right time by the right time is helpful to maintain the potential customer base during the extremity situation also.

  • Productive Travel

One of the options is scheduling where the customers are allowed to set the date and time based on availability. By using this information, drivers get notified by the alerts on the basis of the dates and schedule the trip accordingly. The prior scheduling helps the driver to process the order without stress and increases productivity by more number of trips.

Final Say

Concluding this blog, you may take away the following key points: why outsourcing is necessary for community delivery services during extreme situations, how the mobile app has a great impact on the delivery side of community service business, strengthening the delivery driver relationship through the digital solution, etc.

Besides, the impact of SpotnRides delivery driver management app solution on the delivery driver’s convenient operation and productive trips. If you have the passion to start your own community delivery business, we SpotnRides will be there to assist you to grow. Make a profitable partnership with us at [email protected]

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