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Graphic designers are the essential persons in the businesses who can raise your revenue easily and at the same time, they are risky too. Yes, if you appoint a well-knowledged graphic designer, then they bring a reputation to your business. The poor knowledge graphic designers will easily break it within a few takes.

Paying an organization and getting lost, the entrepreneurs are looking for a freelancer. Like other investments, you have to take a deep infestation in appointing the graphic designers. But this can be made simple with an on-demand application. An application-based solution gives more accurate results according to your needs.

The market statistics of the graphic designer are expected to increase by 5% at the end of the year 2026. This is the right time for graphic designers to earn more service charges by accomplishing the customer’s task. If you’re an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking to start an on-demand application service, then the On-demand graphic designer business is for you.

This blog is all about the app for freelance graphic designer booking service startup and our software application that enhances your business.

Beneficial Reasons Why You Should Hire Freelance Graphic Designers 

Graphic designers are the person who brings your ideas into the visualization. They help you with all kinds of designing tools, whether you want a new logo for your brand or visualization for your service. Then, you’re in need of the graphic designer, so booking an organization freelancer will be the best choice. 

  • Cost-effective – As a logistical person before hiring an organization or freelancer you will be thinking about the cost for the service. There is no second choice in the graphic designers other than the freelancer they are more cost-effective. If you are hiring an organization, then you’re ready to pay for other staff too.
  • Freelancers are more reliable – In freelancers, the cases are more liable you can check their previous works and designs before booking them. These are things that a freelance graphic designer earned as a credit in their career. But, when you check an organization they won’t be sharing most of their designs.
  • Provide effective service – Communicating with a freelancer will be more effective than an organization. Normally, the organization people will be trying to convince you with their designers. But, freelancers will understand your needs easily and they will be providing you the right solution within the promised dates.
  • Flexible working hours – At times the work should be completed within a day you can’t be getting an organization to make your work complete. The freelancer will be the rescue for you at a hard time. Yes, the freelancers will be working at flexible hours. There is no limit for them but when you consider organization they will be working in a fixed time.

Though the demand for an application based service has increased due to the revolution of the on-demand services, people are getting comfortable with one such service. Normally an on-demand application satisfies the needs of the customers by reaching to their doorstep. This type of service has set fire in the marketplace.

Yes, they are becoming more popular among the work-life people as well as household people too. Day by day, it is even getting better with the rapid updates on the application according to the customer’s needs or feedback. In other words, an on-demand application is a linking layer between the customers and their needed service provider. 

When it comes to the freelance graphic designer booking application service, the software should be more attractive. That brings confidence in the people to place their booking on the freelance graphic designers. Since it is a graphic designer booking application, the interfaces should be more eye-catching.

Other than eye-catching interfaces the application should have the necessary features that make the designer and customers process simple. If the application takes more time to place the booking and tracking, then the end-players will get fed-up with your application service. So make it simple and quick with the latest trends.

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Brand your application service with SpotnRides software solution

In SpotnRides software solution, you will be getting one such service. Our application is a readymade solution for the young entrepreneurs, who are out there to start an on-demand business with an affordable price with advanced features. We assure you about your application and technical support.

This helps your customers to enjoy the reliable application service and it enhances their experience gradually. The benefit of choosing our service is you will be getting a complete package of application solutions with on and post developing support service.

  1. Customer’s application (iOS and Android), 
  2. Graphic designer’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

The listed three are the interfaces that give the complete enhanced service in your freelance graphic designer booking business. These three interfaces are developed with the essential features so that the users won’t get bored with the unwanted tools. Let me share with you these three interface workflows in detail for a clear understanding.

  • Customer’s application – In your application, the customers who want the graphic works to be done can search for the freelance designers nearby them with their location. So to make the service more effective and enhanced we have given the choice for the customers to pin their location for quick results on the next bookings. 

This lets the customers check the nearby service provider at any time without a lack. Other than that the customer can track the designer in real-time. This gives them the exact estimated time of service arrival. The customer can also post feedback on the respective designer that lets the other users know about their service before booking.

  • Graphic designer’s application – The graphic designers who want to work as a freelancer can get registered with your application service by uploading the needed documents. After the admin’s confirmation, they can kick start their service easily. The designer can turn on/off their service time accordingly. 

This lets the other customers know about your available time easily and they can schedule their booking according to your preferred time. The graphic designers can check the booked customer’s time and their details. Route optimization feature option gives the graphic designers a variety of route options to reach the customer’s location for quick service.

  • Admin panel – The admin panel is designed in such a way, the admin is able to get everything instantly with the accurate details. You as an admin have given the priority to read the customer’s service review so that you can make the needed changes. This lets you improve your business quickly without any negative feedback.

We provide you the applications in both the platforms so that you are able to gather the attention of the iOS and Android users. This lets you improve your revenue growth easily and the service will get branded quicker in the marketplace. Now, I will share with you the strong key-features that improve your service even more.

SpotnRides freelance graphic designer booking app solution essential strong feature points

  • Real-time tracking – To make the service more reliable this feature has been developed and designed in such a way to meet your customer’s expectations. This lets the customers track their booked designer in real-time with exact reaching time and estimated cost for their service. So that the customer has no need to wait longer.
  • Book now or schedule later – This a niche feature that gives the customers to book the right designer right now or scheduled for later. This lets the customers personalize their service meetings easily according to their free or needed time. These booking details will be automatically updated on the end player’s calendar.
  • Promo code and referral code – This feature lets the customers market for your application easily without any loss in the revenue growth. Yes, by sharing their promo codes you will be gaining the new users quickly. This also lets you brand your application service in your region immediately.
  • Cash or pay by online –  We can’t assure the customer’s situation so that we have designed and developed this feature. This feature lets the customers pay for their booked service online or direct cash. The booking history and the payment details will be automatically stored in the app instantly.
  • In-build chatbox – To make the service more strengthened this feature has been developed. This feature lets the customer communicate with the respective service provider after placing the bookings. So that they can get clarified about any queries. This feature can be used vise versa the designer can also communicate with the customers about their needs.

Bottom line

Offering an efficient effective service to the customers is quite tough without a proper application. By getting adapted to the SpotnRides application you can easily provide one such service to your customers directly. Our application has made the service to book within a few clicks that gives more convenience to the customers and the designers. 

If you have any new business about the freelance graphic designer booking service startup, please fill the form below with your business requirements or contact us at [email protected] so that we are able to catch you with the right app solution.

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