5 Ways of SpotnRides Hauling Service App Solution To Boost up Heavy Truck Hauling Business Economy

Dedicated this blog to industrialists. A warm waiting good news for the people took part in the heavy equipment shipping and transport business. An integral part of any business supply chain is the logistics services. The major concern for industrialists is hauling the goods from one location to others and managing the fleet. These processes are not only complicated but also cost-effective. Handling the logistics services on their own is not an effective process due to the drastic rise up of transportation cost without a proper sign. Hence the smarter business decision to outsource the hauling services strikes the industrialist’s mind nowadays.   

Specialized companies having the fleet of diverse truck models have participated in the hauling services mainly focus on delivering heavy loads like the construction materials on the doorstep of industry. With a wide range of networks, transportation companies covering the entire country region nowadays to transport the heavy loads from one location to others efficiently through trucks. 

A business survey showed that the revenue of the trucking industry accounts for 80.3% of the national freight bill. Around 7.8 million people are employed in trucking-related jobs up 100,000 yearly and this includes 3.5 million professional drivers. Studying above financial reviews, you have the interest to do your own app based startup and shine in the heavy hauling industry. But, for a startup, you have to look at the background in a detailed manner. 

What are the Key Insights on  Heavy Hauling Service App Business?

With the strict rules and regulations, Heavy Hauling Business is one of the biggest opportunities across the world to earn the profit easily. Assuring these regulations helps to protect the safety of those hauling heavy loads. The major needs of heavy hauling businesses are the right equipment, easy accessing the resources, owner with strong knowledge of industry and willingness to cope up with the new challenges. Besides, some more key insights are highlighted in this section. 

Expert in filling needs

To assure the safety of materials transported, insuring goods is the promising one that also helps to solve the problems of transporting hazardous materials. Ideally, the driver should possess a valid license, medical fitness certificates and in-depth knowledge in the secure distribution of loads. Industrialists who focus on the company selecting by them are capable of whatever transporting and accommodate the needs without fail. 

Payment Enquiry

The main factor to disrupt the heavy hauling business is fixing the transportation charges.  Enquiry regarding the pickup time, delivery time and amount for overall transportation charges prior to opting services is the feasible one that requires the dedicated panel arrangements. 

Real-Time Conversation

Long-distance transportation involves adhering to numerous rules and regulations of the states that pass through. A clear idea of what they are to make sure that your load can arrive the major concern that requires the personal conversation between the service providers and truck drivers. 

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Revenue Jump on Heavy Hauling Business

A wide range of business analysis reports showed that the revenue of the heavy hauling business jumped into 796.7 billion dollars in the year 2018 from 700.3 billion in 2017. The dynamic growth is observed year by year in this business. Based on the current size and marketing conditions, the sustainability of the heavy hauling business is observed. Business analysts involved in the global economy states that the heavy hauling business is the major driving force of the global economy. Outsourcing of heavy hauling services by the industrialists saves the investment as millions of dollars each year. The following needs make a great impact on the financial results of a heavy hauling business.

  • Fluctuation in the economic cycle
  • What equipment they haul
  • Suitable business model according to real-time needs
  • Operational efficiency.

Upon the above metrics, you are cleared that, the suitable business model and well operation are the basic things to grow on hauling business. To support modeling, many of the demand solutions are available. Prior to the look at it, understanding the trends are necessary.    

Trends Driven Heavy Hauling Business

Heavy haul business is quite interesting and challenging that involves special handling practices, equipment, and permits.  As your startup focuses on 2020, the following two main trends are to be addressed. 

  • Drastic Infrastructure Changes

Having a safe and reliable infrastructure is crucial when it comes to real-time implementation. Considering heavy haul shipping, most of the problems are observed at the destination due to poor communication among the shipper and receiver. The disconnect in communication may lead to delivery delays and additional charges. 

  • Uber’ization of freight

The technology behind the Uber applied to the freight shipping to connect the shippers with the trucking companies online that allow the customer to book the available drivers within a specified radius. Uberization gives instant access to rates and the transit time from a wide range of carriers. With these technological trends, owning a new heavy hauling business model is a promising solution. But, searching the reliable one in the market is a challenging task. SpotnRides offers a big solution for the heavy hauling business and relieves all your burdens in a simple way.   

5 Ways of SpotnRides that make your Heavy Hauling startup to fit

Well, Industrialists are thoroughly understanding the heavy hauling business, technological trends that are driven in the above sections. This section clearly defines the five major ways to show how your new startup fits with SpotnRides solution.  

  • Simplify Scheduling

With a centralized management platform like SpotnRides, the real-time analysis of hauling location and driver availability is an attractive one. When the new hauling requests arise, the drivers and dispatch owners can optimize their own arrangements to assure customer satisfaction. 

  • Documents validating

As already said, the validation of drivers regarding license and other premises is necessary for heavy hauling business. The special panel section on drivers helps the drivers to upload documents such as ID proofs and licenses makes the goods distribution as secure manner.

  • Compile Customer Information

Accessing and exchanging the customer information from one centralized database is easier in SpotnRides in order to know their haul preferences, payment habits. Attending the high-priority customers as per the hauling requests assures the retainability of your startup.

  • Invoicing 

 Transparent, accurate transactions through the secure payment gateways assure the trust and goodwill of your customers. Besides, the vehicle drivers who took part in this hauling startup can get complete information on earning on all trips.

  • Safe Platform

Safety is the number one priority in the heavy hauling industry as you know. Monitoring of real time processes such as tracking of goods, commision/ fare details, and number of trips by the trip driver by the admin allows your partners to make the comfortable business. 

Fine. Now you are familiar with the SpotnRides impact on heavy hauling business and why it is needed for your own startup to meet the trends. Next, development starts. Hire the developers of SpotnRides Now. 

Final Say 

Summarizing, the outsourcing of heavy hauling services is nothing new in the market. All heavy equipment industries nowadays are doing it. When outsourcing through suitable startup, growth no matters. To acquire loyal customers in the heavy hauling business, we welcome the development. Drop your fresh ideas with our team on [email protected]

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