Uber clone is a ready-to-use taxi app solution that will allow you to start an Uber-like cab renting service with immediate effect.

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Why use our Uber clone app?

The best white label Uber clone app with a script that you can immediately start using. Avoid the cost of building an original ridebooking app like Uber.

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    A prebuilt solution that is highly scalable

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    Complete customization and branding

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    Ready for implementation and deployment

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    Built by a talented team of web and app developers

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    Can easily accommodate a high number of user activity simultaneously.

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    Available for both Android and iOS.

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    Dedicated admin panel to manage all the features of the app

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    Comes with full customization, deployment and maintenance support.

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What makes our Uber clone app the perfect business solution for you?

Here is a small story!

Rodriguez, owner of a local cab service in LA, was wondering how to break the sad news to his team of cab drivers. The cab service had been running in the red for the past five months with all his customers preferring Uber and other mobile app-based cab services.

Although he had been providing an exceptional cab service with just a couple of complaints in the past few years, his existing customers preferred to book cabs from mobile apps simply because it was simpler, easier, quicker, and better manageable.

He had no idea how to compete with these technology-based companies, with no technical or software background. For the past 25 years he had been running his traditional cab service with a couple of landline phones and a few mobile phones.

Then he came across SpotnRides.

It's a taxi cab booking app for which no development is needed on his part.

When he read the details, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was the perfect solution to save his business.

He could immediately transform his traditional business into an app-based business without having to hire a team of developers or having any sort of technical knowledge.

The app works straight out-of-the-box.

The developers also provide complete after-sale support and an associated website.

He didn't have to fire his dedicated team of cab drivers after all. In fact, now his fleet of cabs has increased from 15 cabs to 80 cabs in just four months.

Want to know how Rodriguez achieved that?

What makes us different from other Uber clone app providers?

  • Easy installation and deployment
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Customised payment solutions
  • World-class implementation and deployment support and maintenance
  • 100% customization and branding
  • Rates management on-the-fly
  • Highly affordable
  • Data driven approach
  • Built with native technology
  • Available on multiple platforms

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Steller features for you, cab drivers and users

Easy registration & onboarding Registration

New riders will be able to register themselves immediately with a mobile phone or an email.

Fastest way to book cabs Registration

Locatinag and booking nearby cabs extremely easy and fast within a few taps.

Ride scheduling Registration

Riders can book their rides in advance and manage their entire schedule from a dedicated dashboard.

Live tracking Registration

Riders can track their movements on the GPS map embedded within the app.

Registration Fare estimates

Make your riders feel reassured by allowing them to get fare estimates before booking cabs.

Registration Driver review and rating

Whether a particular rider has had a good experience or a bad experience, he or she can easily leave driver -related reviews and ratings.

Registration SOS button

The SOS button on the main screen of the app allows your riders to get help in cases of emergency.

Registration Multiple payment options

Your cab drivers will be able to accept payments through cash, credit cards, net banking and digital wallets.

Easy registration Registration

Interested cab drivers can easily join your cab service with little or no fuss.

Instant alert of ride requests Registration

Your drivers will get immediate alerts from surrounding areas.

Faster document uploads and processing Registration

Your drivers can upload documents like ID proofs and license straight from the mobile app.

Bill History Registration

Drivers can get complete information about their earning on all the trips completed by him.

Registration Real-time track record

The drivers real-time track record will be preserved by the app.

Registration SOS contacts

If suddenly your driver needs he or she will be able to immediately press the SOS button.

Registration Timing management for Drivers

Drivers can prefer to go offline or online based upon their availability.

Registration Vehicle choice

Let your riders decide the quality of vehicle they would like to use and adjust estimates accordingly.

Real-time driver transaction history Registration

Access the entire history of individual drivers just in a few taps.

Commission dashboard Registration

See how much a driver is making and contributing to your cash flow.

Users Management Registration

Admin can add/modify/delete both Riders and Drivers activity and their transaction history.

Multiple Vehicle Management Registration

Admin can manage the Vehicle Type/ Categories shown on Rider App. They can define the Vehicle Type name, Rates and other details.

Registration Live reporting using the Google maps

Access every possible information about drivers and rides in real-time.

Registration Fare management

Manage fare per kilometre from a centralized dashboard to implement uniformity.

Registration Driver Payout Management

Admin can add/modify/delete Driver payout and their commission with all statistics.

Registration Trips Management

Admin can be able to track the ongoing trips and also can get details about Completed trips dynamically.


Add-on features (on customer request)

Crypto Payments
One-time payment model. No subscription model
Dispatch panel to manage your fleet and drivers
On demand features requested by you
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  • Preferred driver

    Allow your riders to book their cab with their preferred driver to make them feel more secure and satisfied.

  • Vehicle Modification

    The information in the rider's, the driver's and the admin's control panel is automatically updated in real-time when it is altered at one end.

  • Social media integration

    Allow your riders to share their experience directly from within your app with their social media friends and attract more users to your app.

  • Promo code management

    Give more incentives to your riders by allowing them to use promo codes when making payments and enjoy discounts.

  • Scheduled trip

    Your riders will be able to schedule their cab trips in advance to better organize and save time.

  • Multiple language & currency support

    A totally international Uber clone app that accommodates multiple languages and currency exchanges.

  • God's eye view

    Get an overall view of your entire business including earnings, users, trip schedules, drivers, and everything in between.

Uber Clone App

Have a glimpse into our powerful Uber app clone script.

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What is included in the entire Uber clone script setup?

  • tick Cab driver app
  • tick Rider app
  • tick Both Android &
    iOS versions
  • tick Web Admin Panel

This is the best Uber clone app you can get anywhere, it is as good as it gets.

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Our Taxi App Development Process

Our development process is quite straightforward. Our Uber clone app is ready for deployment and installation. All you need is, get it customized and make it available on your website as well as on play stores.

Nonetheless, a serious business needs total customization. So, our Uber clone app works like a framework and upon this framework, we build a custom cab booking app for you. The process includes

  • Complete analysis of your requirement
  • Wireframing and designing individual screens to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want.
  • Customization, installation and deployment.
  • Testing on multiple platforms
  • Final deployment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a taxi booking app script that is developed by analyzing the functionalities and developing similar algorithms of the Uber app which is known as reverse-engineering process. As it supports customization, it allows taxi businesses to get a personalized mobile app solution for their businesses.

Where do I get the best Uber clone script?

You can get the best Uber clone script from a top Uber clone app script provider, SpotnRides.

How does an Uber clone app help my business?

An Uber clone app helps a taxi business enable a 24/7 online taxi booking facility, create a valuable relationship with its potential customers, manage the fleet of drivers and taxis, and establish an online marketplace for rides.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?

As mentioned above, you don't need to create your own Uber app. We have got for you the best Uber clone script with all the features that Uber has with the difference that you can completely get it customized.

What are the advantages of Uber clone?

Uber clone script has numerous advantages like cost-effective, user-friendly, customizable, scalable, and reliable taxi booking app solution.

In which ways Uber clone script is better than an app developed with Flutter?

An Uber clone script is a pre-built solution while an app developed with Flutter is a custom-built solution. The Uber clone script is cost-effective, easy to launch, and proven script comes with flexible customization.